Choosing the right Office Chairs

“Some days the best thing about my job is that the chair spins.” Humour to inject into your workplace. (

Do you need to refurbish or upgrade your old, worn out office furniture, more specifically office chairs? Does it make employees feel uncomfortable and achy after spending an average of 40 hours a week seated in an inappropriately designed or broken chair? It is time to go on the hunt for ergonomically designed chairs that supports their back and encourages good posture.

Where do you start? There are an array of office chairs available at your disposal. Office furniture manufacturers and specialists like Hurdley's realise how essential chairs are to an office environment. The good news is that modern office chairs are designed as per your requirements. Here are few pointers to consider when choosing office chairs.

Seat Height, Armrests, Backrests and Swivel

Different adjustment and tilt options, using a pneumatic lever makes it almost effortless, and can accommodate all body types. It permits the user to position their feet flat on the floor. Adjustable armrests and backrests allow users to sit upright with their shoulders relaxed and backs supported. Any standard style or ergonomic chairs should spin easily enabling the user to reach various areas of their desk without straining.

Size and Shape of the Appropriate Chair

To determine the size and shape of the chair is dependent on its position in the workspace and the length of time the employee will spend sitting in it. A user who needs to move around the office and gets in and out of the chair often might require a chair with no armrests. Possibly no backrest either.

Whereas a user who is bound to their desks for hours might favour a chair that offers ergonomic comfort. A chair with a lumbar support feature is vital as it supports the natural curve of the spine, as well as the inner curve of the lower back.

Moreover, the layout and space of your workspace determine whether large executive chairs is appropriate. It might look magnificent behind an L-shaped desk in the corner of an office, but it is not practical to cram large chairs when you work in cubicles near one another. The conference room will require a complete set of executive chairs that provide comfort and ties in with the table.

Seat Material

Think carefully about the material you choose for the office chair seats and backrests. There needs to be ample padding to be pleasant and comfortable to sit on for extended periods at a time. Cloth fabric that is breathable is preferable to a solid surface.

Explore all options available to make certain you find the appropriate chairs not only to suit your workspace but to ensure the comfort of your employees and augment productivity. Take the time to find chairs that are unique to your modus operandi and make the investment now.

For more information on our selection of office chairs, visit our showroom on the corner of Clayton and Alma Street, Newmarket or contact us on (09) 522 2090.

8th Sep 2016

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