How a Standing Desk changed my Life

“A sound mind in a sound body”, is the English translation of the Latin phrase commonly used when expressing the importance of physical exercise as part of your mental and psychological well-being. Prolonged workplace sitting is touted as being harmful to our bodies, even though we may exercise outside of work hours. Is there any truth in it or is it just scaremongering?

Let’s face it if we spend, most of our day sitting without much movement we are putting our lives at risk. Anecdotal evidence and recent studies conducted indicate that sedentary work increases your risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes and even death.

So, what options do you have if you are stuck behind a desk day in day out?

Why not try a standing desk? I know, the thought of standing while working seems unconventional. However, it is worth a try. You could buy an adjustable desk; there is a range of standing desks available.

You might scoff, and say all good and well; you have the luxury of working from home. I agree, It affords me the luxury of choosing to do as I please. Many of you do not have the flexibility when you work in an office.

Not only are standing desks becoming more prevalent in the workplace, but evidence indicates that standing desks have many advantages. It boosts productivity, helps with the 3 pm slump, promotes collaboration, and you are less likely to take time off due to sickness or injury.

How has using a standing desk changed my life?

• I instinctively move around more frequently while using a standing desk. I stretch, move my legs, sway, and take breaks do some other activities. When I’m sitting at the desk or on the couch, I am more reluctant to get up.

• I generally feel better than if I were to sit all day. I feel I have more vitality right through the day when I alternate between standing and sitting.

• I am better able to concentrate and get stuck into my work when I stand. I surmise it is because I am likely to move around or stretch and then continuing to work, instead of browsing the internet distracted for hours on something else. It also keeps me more alert mentally than if I was slouched behind a desk or on the couch.

• As much as I would like to say I have it down pat, I do succumb to sitting sometimes. The important point is that I have the option to either sit or stand. Some days I become so engrossed in my work and don’t want to stop, and end up sitting most of the day. It takes its toll on my body.

Irrespective of whether you have sedentary work or you just spend hours sitting uninterrupted it is well worth investing in a standing desk. You only have one life to live.

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23rd Sep 2016

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