How to Arrange your Office Furniture

Is your office space overflowing with equipment and all sorts of other office supplies, making it impractical? For optimum performance and success, it is crucial that you put thought into the design and arrangement of furnishings.

Are desks cluttered with paper? Hence, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack? It is time to knuckle down and arrange your workspace. You might have the latest trendiest design, but if you have a disorganised office, it will impede on your overall performance and success. The placement of your furniture is important as it creates a comfortable and exciting environment.

Regardless of whether you are organising a new office or sprucing up an existing office space, it is vital that you take the following into consideration when arranging your  office furniture.

Office Goals

Firstly, ascertain what the main objectives of your office and office furniture are when arranging your office furniture. It can become tricky measuring the square footage of your office space. However, it is not rocket science, measure the width and length of the area and multiply these two distances together. Careful consideration as to the position of electrical receptacles is crucial because it will determine the location of office equipment, namely; computers, printers, and so forth. Once you determine the square footage of your office space, you can forge ahead with a blueprint for furniture arrangement plans.

The Hub

Think carefully about the position of your  office desk, as it most likely the most important piece of office furniture and where you will spend most of your time. Take into account your office objectives when positioning desks. For example, if are you trying to accomplish maximum productivity, your desk ought to be near to an electrical receptacle for your computer and other office equipment. Or if your emphasis purely relates to aesthetics you might want to position your desk near a window to maximise the boost natural light provides.

Storage Space

If you opt to use office filing cabinets, arrange in a way that they are readily available for you and everyone else who needs access to it. Bear in mind that you need to measure your files to access the storage space required and allow for adequate clearance to pull out a file cabinet drawer. It is exasperating having to hunt for files when the drawers open partially. If you are restricted to limited storage space, you might want to opt for verticle file cabinets or  credenzas as these require significantly less space.

Selecting Chairs

Last but not least, you need to establish if you need office chairs. The  meeting room, visitor and cafe chairs you will need for clients or team meetings usually positioned right in front your desk. Although, if you have a large workspace, the perfect solution is to have a designated space for team meetings and clients.

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29th Jul 2016

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