The 5 Best Times to Purchase Office Furniture

Keeping abreast with the sales of big ticket times can be an arduous task. Office furniture deals, in particular, are offered around the end of the financial year and ‘back to school’ period. However, it is not out of the ordinary to have furniture retailers offer deals year round, to bring potential clients into their stores. It is prevalent with the growing amount home based businesses and the high development of the internet.

Timing is crucial when investing in expensive office furniture. Being aware of the best time to buy will ensure that you save a significant amount of money. Here are five great tips that will assist you in making smarter choices when purchasing office furniture.


Allocating money in your budget for furniture is prudent and prevents you from being in the red. Patience is a virtue, therefore, setting money aside and waiting for the big sales, helps you to shop smarter. You also have more time to do research and negotiate good prices for quality office furniture.

Subscription to Newsletters

Receiving regular newsletters are a good way of keeping up to date with the latest deals on offer. Admittedly, your mailbox bombarded with newsletters can become an undesired inconvenience. Creating a special folder in your email account for shopping deals is an outstanding way of keeping up to date with sales without unnecessary advertisements from companies selling other products.

Adapt to the Seasons

Many office furniture companies have sales throughout the year, more specifically, during the clearance months, the recommended time to buy. Just as the fashion world is cyclical, so is the office furniture arena. The ideal time to shop for specific furniture brands is the period that precedes inventory change. Inventory change happens in the first and third quarter for many companies. That implies that the first quarter (Jan-Mar) and third quarter(Jul-Sept) are ideal to purchase office furniture. However, do bear in mind that most furniture dealers offer monthly discounts and sales in the second quarter (Apr-Jun) as well as the fourth quarter (Oct-Dec).


Furniture dealers frequently have a significant reduction in prices and other great deals on offer on public holidays, namely; Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Queen’s Birthday, Labour Day, Boxing Day and every other holiday. Good quality office furniture can cost an arm and a leg, so taking advantage of holiday sales may reduce cost considerably.

Back to School

Right through the month of January, parents enthusiastically take their children school shopping. Primary school, College and University students are all in a frenzy to buy stationery and new trendy desks for their bedrooms or dorm rooms. Super deals are on offer online and at furniture stores, for those who want the latest in design and comfort. January and the months nearest to it are the best times to buy office furniture.

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5th Aug 2016

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