Why Standing Desks are here to Stay

Enterprises at the cutting edge of technology are always at the forefront of adopting new and innovative ways of operating a business. These forward-looking companies, recognise the importance of the making the workplace comfortable for the employee and making them feel valued. More importantly, the well-being of employees takes precedence.

They put their money where their mouth is, and choose to incorporate standing desks in the workplace. The sceptic in you must be wondering what on earth standing desks has to do with employees well-being? Let’s explore this a little more.

Standing Desks Improves Focus

You’ve had a remarkably productive morning, trying to reach deadlines or finish off projects. ‘The Big Slump’, hits and your energy levels take a dip; your brain is fuzzy. Your mind wanders, and you have a difficult time concentrating on the task at hand. You don’t have the luxury of taking a rest, as deadlines are looming, or you have projects to complete for an important client.

Your necks and shoulders are tight and tense; you have back and leg pain due to sitting for prolonged periods. The office environment is a hive of activity, so you push through till the end of the day. It can be counterproductive long-term. Aching bodies and exhaustion are harmful in the long-run and will affect productivity.

Do not fear; there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The good news is that by making adjustments to your office environment, you can banish the afternoon slump.

There is an array of workstations designed to get us back on our feet again. A sit-stand desk might be a good start. You can alternate between standing and sitting. When the 3 pm slump hits, you can give you your body an energetic boost, by alternating between sitting and standing.

An Increasing number of Companies Adopt Standing Desks

Is it just another workplace fad? I don’t know about you, but you hear stories come out of nowhere about new office trends and designs. Before long you have everyone raving about it, only to die off a year later.

Most of these trends have a short-term impact and vanish from your minds just as quickly; others have a long-term feature and boost productivity and morale, revolutionising the way we work.

The big corporations such as Apple, Chevron and even the White House are incorporating standing desks into their workplace. It is just another feather in the cap, for the benefits of a sit-stand desk.

Augments Collaboration

Anecdotal evidence shows that standing desks encourage collaboration. Studies also indicate that cooperation increased when participants engaged in a stand-only environment. They were open to collaborating, rather those counterparts who sat behind desks. Those who are desk-bound are more inclined to be private and less likely to integrate.

We are all aware that that collaboration among employees helps increase productivity and is less of a hindrance than employees who don’t get along.

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15th Sep 2016

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