Reception Furniture

Reception furniture

Your reception area speaks volumes about your company and market position. It needs to reflect your brand image, through its style and colour. It also needs to send the right messages to the customers and suppliers who visit. Hurdleys’ consultants have decades of experience with helping businesses to choose appropriate reception furniture. And if you’re working with an interior design company, you can trust us to collaborate successfully with your designer for a great outcome.

Reception counters and reception desks

An impressive reception area has to work on both sides of the counter. Your receptionist needs functionality that supports a good day’s work. Your visitors need to feel welcome and be visually guided to the registration area. From affordable reception desks to custom-built reception counters with all the bells and whistles, our range covers every office furniture requirement.

Soft seating

Your choice of visitor seating will be affected by the space available, your budget and the design style of your reception area. Our soft seating includes single chairs, armchairs, sofas, ottoman stools and booth seating.

Reception tips:

• Create a clear traffic flow within the reception area. Make first-time visitors to your office comfortable through visual cues that indicate where to go when they arrive.

• Inform visitors where the restrooms are. Use signage so visitors can direct themselves without needing to ask for assistance.

• If you have a TV in the waiting area, consider looping a video on your business. Highlight the products and services you offer.

• Furnish your reception area with enough waiting room seating for your typical visitor flow.