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Why an Open Office Space is Better for your Team | Hurdleys

Open plan office spaces are becoming the norm in office environments here in New Zealand, and it’s no wonder. Open plan office spaces bring plenty of benefits to staff and even a business as a whole. Gone are the days of private cubicles and enclosed spaces that promote isolation and discourage interaction - shared office spaces are here to stay.

If you’re thinking of breaking down the walls (literally or figuratively) in your office and embracing a more open layout, you’re probably wondering about the specific benefits doing so can bring to your organisation. After all, it’s a big change and can be quite a financial investment.

Here are some of the best reasons why a shared office space is better for your team:

1. Open plan spaces promote collaboration

It’s no question that breaking down the walls of communication allows for better collaboration between your team members. Creating an open, more social environment affects your employees’ ability to be proactive and stay motivated throughout the day. If your business requires collaborative work between team members, choosing an open plan is a no-brainer as there are no physical barriers to communication.

It’s important to note, however, that it’s also important to have private work spaces so employees have a specific space to escape to when they need urgent work done. Some employees may also thrive better in private spaces. There should be areas in your open plan office that accommodate different types of work and workers.2. Incorporating complementary warm colours

While white is a neat, minimalist, and timeless colour for most companies, too much of it can seem a bit cold and uninviting. Think laboratories - cold, right? To balance out the white, it’s great to blend in warm colours such as soft reds and oranges, as they can bring in a pop of colour and personality back into your reception area without it being too bright.

2. They create a sense of community

As humans, we crave connections with one another, and community culture is not something that happens overnight. Open spaces better facilitate development of communities compared to more traditional spaces, as everyone is able to just openly talk to each other – whether it’s about work or just small talk – and connections are constantly being made. Plus, who doesn’t love chiming in with some good office banter now and again?

3. They build a connection with the organisation

If you have an open office floor plan, you’re more connected to your wider environment as well, not just your desk or workstation. This means you have visual access to everything – the walls, the people, the office fixtures and designs – which all come together to help you feel more connected to the organisation. Working in a confined cubicle doesn’t compare to having an expanse of space that’s for everyone to enjoy.

4. Happy workers perform better

When staff are happily working in the organisation, they produce better results. With more instances of collaboration, a sense of community, and a strong connection with the organisation, an employee can feel more than just an employee, they feel like the belong and are contributing to something that they believe in. This means a decrease in turnover rate, easier recruitment, and even an increase in revenue. And we all know success is better when celebrated together.


Here at Hurdleys, we want to empower your team to do great things with our range of office furniture and workstations that make the perfect components of an exciting open office plan.

Shop our workstation desks and office desks today or contact us at (09) 522 2090 for all your office furniture needs! 

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