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5 Ways to Make Your Office Feel Like Home | Hurdleys

Gone are the days of drab, impersonal offices with white floors and dull interiors. These days, the more creative and personalised an office, the better. While every industry draws the creative line somewhere, trends in office design and office furniture are moving toward creating cosy, customised workspaces that make employees feel at home.

If you think your office could feel a little bit more personalised or homey, we’ve listed five useful tips below that can make your office feel more like home!

1. Personalise with photos and trinkets

Personalisation always starts with your own office desk. While it can be difficult to get the whole office into it, spruce up your own space first and it might inspire others to follow suit. Framed photos of family and friends are a great way to remind you of life outside of work, and can provide a bit of inspiration and motivation throughout the day. Little trinkets from travelling, gifts from friends, or an accessory from home also adds unique character to your desk.

2. Opt for decorative lighting

Decorative lighting such as residential-style lamps are great additions to your own workspace or the entire office. They add a pop of style and colour, vary the colour temperature, and set the mood of your space. When you have the option, make sure you’re allowing enough natural light into the space as well. This can promote a comfortable feeling similar to one you get when you open the curtains at home.

3. Embrace downtime

Giving employees a dedicated space to relax and embrace their downtime is now essential to any office space. A breakout space that lets them have fun, wind down, and refresh their minds helps to alleviate stress and improves overall well-being. Breakout spaces can feature items like beanbags, TVs, pool tables or table football, and even video game consoles, where employees are free to relax and interact with each other during breaks.

4. Get some plants

It’ essential for humans to stay connected to the outdoors, and adding some lush greenery into the office will breathe life into it. Simply by adding potted plants in neglected corners of the office, or even at your desk, your office can start to feel homelier. Potted plants on bookcases or wall units also add a charming touch to your office décor.

5. Use colourful furniture

Home furniture is anything but monotonous – so there’s no reason why every piece of office furniture should be in varying shades of black, white, or grey. Instead, opt for colourful office furniture that adds a rich pop of vibrant colour to your space. Colourful soft seating such as sofas, ottomans, chairs, and even custom desking options that come in different bright colours, all help make your space feel more welcoming to staff and visitors.


Here at Hurdleys Office Furniture, we believe in creating a balance between office and home, which is why we have a wide range of office furniture to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences. From floral seating to customisable work pods, we help create personalised offices that can make employees feel more at home.

Contact us today for any inquiries or give us a ring at (09) 522 2090!

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