L-shaped Office Desks VS Traditional Office Desks

26th May 2015

When buying a desk, there’s usually a big debate when it comes to what shape of desk to buy to make the most of your office space. While there are plenty of different types of desks, there are only a few shapes available, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. These shapes are the L-shaped office desk and the traditional rectangle office desk.

L-Shaped Desk

These styles of desks have been significantly popular in maximising the space available in a corner office or workspace. Not only does this style provide enough space for computers, paperwork and storage solutions. They are also perfect for sharing workspace with either a client or colleague, thanks to the shape and surface space.

Computers are perfect for the corner section of L-shaped desks, making them perfect for professions where interviewing, collecting information or meetings are involved. These styles of desk can also work well to divide the room into separate areas. For instance, many doctors throughout New Zealand use L-shaped desks due to their superior workspace and surface space.

L-shaped desks are also superb for creating work stations in open area offices. When used in threes, a natural work station for a small team can be created. This situation is also perfect for space dividers if you’re looking to create individual work stations in an open plan office.

The only downside to these desks is the lack of mobility and price. Due to their larger size, they naturally command a higher price point than their traditional counterparts, however sometimes this is more than worth it. IF you’re looking to have a desk that you can move around a lot, this style of desk is definitely not for you, especially if you’re in a smaller area.

Traditional Desks

While very old and traditional, these rectangle office desks are still very practical, especially when working to furnish your office on a budget. These desks are also superb for working in a cramped area where an L-shaped desk just wouldn’t cut it.

Depending on what size of desk you go for, you might find trouble when trying to use both a computer set up and do paperwork. Traditional desks are far more mobile and flexible to use when compared to their L-shaped counterparts.

Office Desks NZ

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