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Enso Office Chair

$480.70 (Inc. GST)
$418.00 (Ex. GST)

The non slip surface of this chair is ideal for use in sterile or harsh environments which are unsuitable for fabric upholstery. This task chair is popular for students, draughtspeople and laboratory technicians. Fabric and coloursPolyurethane...

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Kneeling Chair

$424.35 (Inc. GST)
$369.00 (Ex. GST)

A unique ergonomic design for analternative sitting position that promotesgood posture.FABRIC AND COLOURSMeridian  BlackSPECIFICATIONSUser weight: 130kgDaily sitting hours: 8+Overall size (mm): 615w x 645h x 580dKnee rest size (mm): 430w x 250dSeat...

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Aura Ergo+ Office Chair

$480.70 (Inc. GST)
$418.00 (Ex. GST)

A superior high back task chair offering exceptional comfort and infinite seat and back position adjustments, so each user can attain an optimum ergonomic seating position. Now standard with seat slide  Fabric and ColoursAvailable in a wide...

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Kneeling Chairs NZ

If you want to buy a kneeling desk chair, and you’re looking for a NZ based company to supply you with the best options available, then look no further because we’re eager to help.

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The Best Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs 

A kneeling chair is a specific type of chair that is designed for people who require a sitting position where the thighs are dropped to an angle between 60° and 70°, in contrast to a more traditional chair where then angle is closer to 90°. This change in degree allows the shins to support part of the users overall body weight.

We aim to provide properly designed kneeling chairs that create the recommended open body angle so that the person using the chair is properly seated for the tasks they need to complete.

Benefits Of A Kneeling Desk Chair 

  • When using this type of chair, a person’s pelvis is tilted at a forward angle so that their spine is more appropriately aligned. This not only helps to improve posture and the alignment of a person’s spine, but it has also been known to improve people’s respiratory processes and overall digestion.

    Improved digestion might seem like an unexpected benefit, however, the process works because an open pelvis means that there is less pressure on internal organs within the abdomen.
  • The pressure on the disc of your abdomen is reduced when you sit on these types of chairs, which can alleviate back pain.
  • A kneeling chair also forces your hips to move forward, which means that your weight is much more evenly distributed and your back, shoulders and neck have a greater alignment, which further reduces spinal compression.
  • Another unexpected benefit is that using such devices can also lead to a gradual strengthening of a person’s core and back muscles, as you’re using your back and abdominal muscles to a larger extent than you would with the support of a backrest.
  • Many of our products allow you to make adjustments so that you can control the pressure on your shins by adjusting the height of the seat and the angle of the slope.
  • Your blood circulates better when your spinal column is held upright and straight, which means that people using these chairs experience better energy levels and are less likely to feel unnecessary seating related pains.
  • Using a kneeling chair alongside other conventional types of office chairs will allow rotation which has been proven to help with poor posture, circulation and back pain, as these are often caused by remaining in the same position for long periods of time.

Buy A Kneeling Desk Chair In NZ Today 

  • We’re a local NZ company that’s invested in helping our clients design the office space of their dreams with furniture that’s high quality, competitively priced and built to last.
  • With over four decades of experience within this industry, you won’t find another company that knows this space like we do. Regardless of whether you’d prefer a minimalist office space or you’re looking to fit out a co-working space, a traditional office space or a creative space, we’ve got everything you need.
  • We pride ourselves on being a family ran company and that filters into every aspect of our service. We value loyalty, trust and mutual respect. We treat all of our customers as family and value their trade immensely.

We offer fast delivery all over New Zealand so you don’t have to wait too long to get your hands on the best kneeling desk chairs available online. For more information, feel free to reach out to us today as we’d be happy to help you.

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