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NRG Straight Desk

NRG is a cost effective way to fit out your office.   Features: Heavy duty 25mm desk top, with durable 2mm PVC edging 80mm cable entry to back corner Integrated cable dump tray Base Frames are available in White or Silver powder coat...

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Boyd Visuals

Porcelain Whiteboard 1215 x 3000

$856.75 (Inc. GST)
$745.00 (Ex. GST)

  These strong and durable magnetic WhiteBoards will withstand many years of frequent use.The nonporous surface erases clean every time and won’t stain, scratch or ‘ghost’.    Features •...

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Spring Cafe 4-leg Chair

$198.95 (Inc. GST)
$173.00 (Ex. GST)

  Simple functional seating, for public and student spaces.   Features  Heavy duty steel tube frame Stackable Spring shell colours: Black, White, Smoke Spring frame colours: Chrome,...

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Standing Desk


$861.35 (Inc. GST)
$749.00 (Ex. GST)

Electrically adjustable with fast and quiet operation. Strong Steel structure with steel frame under top connecting the legs so no need for modesty panel to support the legs. 1800mm x 800D New Zealand Made tops in stock for immediate dispatch...

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Standing Desk


$1,147.70 (Inc. GST)
$998.00 (Ex. GST)

The Sky Electric sit/stand desk system was designed in Denmark and offers the perfect combination of contemporary European design along with affordability. Priced with a 1800 x 800 New Zealand Made top. The SKY system is different to almost all other...

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Standing Desk

Clayton Workstation

$1,489.25 (Inc. GST)
$1,295.00 (Ex. GST)

Add style and stability to your investment in a productive and healthy electric height adjustable desk or workstation. The Stand Up system accommodates a large range of top shapes and sizes, includingstraight desks, 90 degree, and 120...

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Standing Desk

Sky Workstation

$2,018.25 (Inc. GST)
$1,755.00 (Ex. GST)

The Sky Electric sit/stand desk system was designed in Denmark and offers the perfect combination of contemporary European design along with affordability. Priced with a 1800 x 1800 x 700D New Zealand Made Top. Please allow 12 -  15  working...

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Desks Furniture NZ

A functional, practical and beautiful desk is a critical piece of furniture in any office.  Desks are designed according to a specific height in order to ease sitting when you are working hard in your office for long durations at a time.  Functional desks also make it much easier to keep everything you need close by, to stack and organize documentation, to work together as a team or as an individual or so you can make the most out of every square meter of available office space.

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Buy Desks & New Zealand Furniture For Your Office

Desks & New Zealand furniture has a huge impact on your office image, work productivity, employee privacy, and general comfort.  It is very important for you to take your time in selecting the right type of desks for your business or office.

At Hurdleys Office Furniture we make it easier for you to find the exact desk type and design that you need because we offer a wide range of beautiful desk types to choose from in different sizes and designs. 

Shop Our Range of Desks for Delivery in NZ  

We truly do have a desk for your every need whether you have a small home office or a big corporate business that requires lots of sitting space for a great many workers.   Our business is a perfect pick for all office desks because we have so many different types to choose from including the following; 

Standing desks - These desks are constructed much higher than your average desk and allow you to stand while you work.  And if you are not ready for a dedicated standing desk just yet then you can also consider our deskalators.  These handy units can be applied to any desk so you can transform your desk into a standing desk with great ease.

Inline desks - These desks are perfectly suitable for offices and work areas that are limited on space.  These desks can be created to any length you desire in order to fit more people in around the same table.

Office desks - Whether you are looking for a simple or luxurious office desk, we have you covered with a wide range of beautiful straight and curved office desks. 

Straight desks - Our straight office desks are available in simple to elite designs and are perfect for bulking up on lots of work stations in the same environment. 

Workstations - If you need individual workstations that give you maximum efficiency then you can certainly consider our beautiful ranges.  We have office workstations that range from straight to 120 degrees in angle in various designs.

Pod desks - Pod desk solutions are the perfect alternative to cubicle seating.  We have many pod solutions that include free-standing pods, inline pods, back to back pods, 2-way pods, 4-way pods and many more. 

Customised desks - Most of our office desks can be custom fitted or constructed to suit your business need so businesses can achieve the perfect office design with great ease.

Buy Your Desk & NZ Furniture Online

Hurdleys Office Furniture is the best place to buy any type of desk you might need.  Our business is the best supplier for all office furniture and accessories. Buy your desks & NZ furniture online without having to go over to a showroom to make the purchase. 

You can buy our beautiful office furniture directly from our website and get these items delivered anywhere in New Zeeland or contact our offices directly to find out more about our customised solutions.

Hurdleys Office Furniture supplies office furniture brands all over New Zealand. We can help you with your office chairs, executive chairs, bar learners, whiteboard, office bookcase & more for your location. Browse our website further or contact us for more information.

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