Reception Counter

Alma Reception Counter

The Alma Reception Counter is a simple yet effective design, with an attractive front timber look feature. Contrasting colours set the tone and complete the look.  Match an under desk mobile unit in the same colours to complete your...

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Arc Tec Reception Counter

The Arc Tec Reception Counter is a simple design with attractive features. A raised counter top on brushed alloy upstands and a front detail panel create the point of difference. Contrasting colours set the tone and complete the look.Arc Tec...

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Gillies Reception Counter

The Gillies Range of Reception counters can be made to any size or colour. They are made in New Zealand out of 25mm board.  They can be made all one colour or a combination of colours including the Acrylic strips.    Talk to us today...

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Manchester Reception Counter

The Manchester reception is an economic option to present a professional image to your clients. Perfect for small areas or point of sale trasactions, the Manchester is available in custom sizes on request.Manchester Reception Counter1800W x...

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Phoenix Reception Counter

The Phoenix reception is a versatile solution to an open plan area. An island style design with clean lines creates a modern look that can be enhanced further by adding either the open desk return or the full height return for privacy...

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Reception Counters In New Zealand

It is so important to invest in a beautiful reception counter for your company. People are easily guided towards beautiful reception counters that stand out which greatly eases guidance within your company.

The reception area is the one place just about every customer will stop at when visiting your business and this area has a huge impact on how they perceive your company. They also feel much better at approaching your personnel when the reception area looks clean, professional and welcoming.

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Buy A Beautiful Reception Counter For Your Business 

At Hurdleys Office Furniture we specialise in all types of office furnishings.  We are especially proud of our beautiful reception desks. These desks are beautiful, stylish, and functional and are exactly the type of furnishings you need for welcoming new guests to your company.

More about Our Reception Counters In New Zealand

Our reception counters in New Zealand are specially designed to suit office and business needs perfectly. Our desks are perfectly suitable for use as a help desk, sales counter or as a comfortable work space for your employees.

Here are the main characteristics of our quality counters;

Customisable - Most of our office counters can be custom made to fit your business needs perfectly.  These counters are available in different sizes and can be created to suit your business style.

A wide range to choose from - We offer a wide range of beautiful reception counters to choose from.  Our ranges include styles suited for traditional or classic styled business to modern and bright business trends.

Made from quality materials - At Hurdleys Office Furniture we only use the finest quality materials for furniture manufacturing.  When you buy our counters you will receive a product that is made to perfection and that will last a very long time.

Beautiful - There is no question about it.  All of our reception counters offer beautiful designs that will instantly enhance the look of any type of business. 

Quick installation - One of the main benefits of using Hurdleys Office Furniture is the fact that we are so quick to deliver or install your furniture at your business.  We strive to help all of our customers including those that find themselves in a pinch. 

Functional design - Our reception desks are not just beautiful, they are also functional. These desks feature a work station for your receptionist with a raised back that conceals unsightly wiring of your computer.  With our unique designs, your business front will look beautiful, organised and clutter free at all times. 

Buy a Reception Counter Online & Make Savings

Want to order your reception counter online right now? There is no need for you to wait! You can buy these beautiful counters online directly from our website. Simply request an online quote and tell us more about the customisation requirements you need. 

We will provide you with a free quote based on your requirements.  If you accept the quote we will deliver or install your new reception counter in your business in no time at all.

There is no need for you to struggle to create a beautiful business front. With Hurdleys Office Furniture you can create a beautiful reception area within just a few short days so you can impress customers and enjoy great practicality.

Hurdleys Office Furniture supplies office furniture brands all over New Zealand. We can help you with your office fitouts and find office chairs for your location. Browse our website further or contact us for more information.

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