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Executive Boardroom Chairs

Some people may wonder why executive boardroom chairs are so different from ordinary office chairs, and there are reasons for that. At Hurdleys, we aim to provide excellent furniture for the entire workforce, so we look at everything carefully. A typist’s chair needs to be lightweight and easy enough to move around the office. They are not only used by typists, of course, but most people will find themselves sitting up smartly, keeping their back straight while they bash out some words or figures, before scooting across to someone else’s desk to check something.

An executive chair, on the other hand, has different requirements. Its occupant may spend a lot of time deep in thought, analysing problems and coming up with solutions. The chair needs the same ergonomic attributes as its more mobile relatives, but more solidity, and more sit-and-cogitate comfort.

We aim to provide the best for all employees, whatever role they may play in the organisation, and we have several options for the harassed executive. They involve elegant leather-look upholstery, sturdy steel frames, smooth-running wheels and well-functioning gas lifts for easy raising and lowering. After all, if an executive is going to stride into the office having just left their rather nice luxury car, they are going to expect to feel even more comfortable, not less.

Do Executive Boardroom Chairs Have to be Enormous?

Not enormous, no. Sturdy, yes. That is the nature of the beast, it’s the traditional executive chair design, but each of our models is slightly different, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Each has a different design and profile, so you can have anything from an elegant but unfussy chair with just a nod towards executive status to a truly palatial number you won’t want to leave at the end of the day.

The Buro Everest executive chair and the Big Boy High Back, for instance, are very different propositions from the Knight Group Falcon model in everything from appearance to price, while if you want an executive boardroom chair that keeps you cool as well as supported, the Eden Cloud Ergo might be the one for you. Business executives are individuals just like everyone else, and we want everyone to be able to embrace their individuality through the furniture they use.

That Buro Mentor, for instance, might not have found favour with the current chairman’s grandfather, the firm’s founder, but times move on, and the present incumbent might be altogether more hands-on, lighter on their feet and likely to fly off to the gym for the afternoon rather than a gentleman’s club.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Executive Boardroom Chair Requirements

If the director needing an executive boardroom chair is not the person ordering it, then the person who is doing that will want to get it right. That’s why it pays to have a leisurely browse through our website or in real life at our showroom. We are very customer-focused and will always be happy to talk you through the options. Call us or just fill in the online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you.