5 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Office Furniture | Hurdleys

14th Jun 2018

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Office Furniture | Hurdleys

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Office Furniture

Choosing the best office furniture for your office space is not a job to be taken lightly. Your business desks, office chairs, and overall space can speak volumes about your company as well as contribute to your employees’ overall productivity levels – making it a great investment from the outset if approached with the right planning and implementation.

Although it can be overwhelming to begin with, choosing the best office furniture for your business doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s very enjoyable and fulfilling to find exactly what you wanted and need – which is why we love doing it in the first place here at Hurdleys! To help make the process easier, we’ve broken down the most common and important factors that clients consider when choosing office furniture. Check them out below!

1. Budget

Determining your budget from the very beginning – in the planning stage - will streamline the entire process. Expensive is not always better, nor is it the best option for everybody. Ensure that you’re allocating the right amount of money for desks, chairs, and storage, and have a good balance of both design and functionality. While a larger budget can allow for more pieces, you can always purchase fewer but higher-quality pieces that have longer service lives within a smaller budget.

2. Ergonomics

When choosing office furniture, ensure that you have your employees’ overall well-being in mind by choosing comfortable, ergonomic pieces that make working easier and healthier. You don’t want to invest in chairs and desks that will only make your staff uncomfortable – this will only lower productivity levels and lead to eventual musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and other health issues. Invest in your staff’s health by choosing ergonomic chairs and office desks.

3. Functionality

Functionality is another practical factor that should not be overlooked. When you can, opt for flexible, durable and multi-functional furniture such as desks with storage spaces, or filing cabinets that can also function as a printing desk. Your furniture should effortlessly fit into your space and support the kind of work your business will be doing.

4. Design

It makes sense to choose office pieces that aren’t purely functional – they should also be visually appealing and pleasing to the eye. When you can, study up on the ‘psychology of colours’, as colours can have different effects on people. For example, the colour green mimics nature, while blue gives off a feeling of coolness and tranquillity. At the very least, try to make sure that your office furniture’s design and aesthetics match your company’s branding, identity and culture.

5. Supplier Support

Not all supplier services are made equal. Partner with an office furniture supplier that provides great products as well as excellent customer service – read up on support services such as shipping, warranties, assembly, setup, and installation. A reliable supplier will back up their high-quality product range with experience, expertise, and reputation - ensuring all your office furniture needs are sufficiently met.

Hurdleys – Trusted Office Furniture Experts

There’s no one in Auckland with more experience than the Hurdleys team. Our huge range of fabulous office furniture ensures there is something to fit everyone’s budget and tastes! Contact the team today at (09) 522 2090 and we’ll make buying office furniture a breeze!

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