Screens & Pod desking

The space-efficient workstation solution

By combining pod desks (also known as cluster workstations) with free standing or desk-mounted screens, you can provide employees with their own space even when floor area is limited. Our pod desking solutions are designed to maximise desk surfaces. Desk screens are positioned to give each employee a level of privacy and sound control.

Multiple pod desks

Hurdleys offer a selection of multiple pod desk solutions that are either linear or circular. Purpose-built screens give employees their own space, which is especially important for back-to-back systems. Built in power and data connections are standard with many of our pod desking systems.

Height adjustable and sit-stand pod desks

For employees who spend most of the day at their pod desk workstations it’s important to set desk height for each individual. Hurdleys Office Furniture offers a choice of back-to-back height adjustable and standing desk option.

Free standing workstation screens

While the majority of our pod desking systems include screens, we also offer free-standing office screens that can be used with standard workstations. These can be fitted with shelves, for handy storage.

Cable management and softwiring

To avoid the aesthetic and safety problems associated the ‘spaghetti junction’ of wiring that accompanies the modern workstation, Hurdleys can assist with the latest cable management and soft wiring solutions. Cables and wiring will be unobtrusive and won’t become a tripping hazard.