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Standing Desk


$803.85 (Inc. GST)
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Add style and stability to your investment in a productive and healthy electric height adjustable desk or workstation. The Stand Up system accommodates a large range of top shapes and sizes, includingstraight desks, 90 degree, and 120...

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Standing Desk


$861.35 (Inc. GST)
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Electrically adjustable with fast and quiet operation. Strong Steel structure with steel frame under top connecting the legs so no need for modesty panel to support the legs. 1800mm x 800D New Zealand Made tops in stock for immediate dispatch...

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Standing Desk

Deskalator Medium

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Convert your current desk into a Standing Desk with our Ezy - Stand desk riser it sits on your existing desk and lets you change posture through the day.Scissor structure with gas spring features smooth height adjustment Delivered freight...

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Many of us spend countless hours a day sitting at our office desks, which can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Poor mental and physical wellbeing, alongside reduced performance in the workplace are only two negative effects this daily routine can produce. Hurdleys standing desks offer benefits that will make a real difference - so you can create a healthier and happier workspace. 


Here at Hurdleys Office Furniture, we stock only the best adjustable standing desks New Zealand wide. 

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Adjustable Standing Desks NZ

Standing desks are the future of office furniture in NZ and all over the world. The average person currently spends 12 hours a day sitting down, so what would happen if you took away their office chairs and replaced their workstation with a standing desk?

At Hurdleys Office Furniture, we offer a range of different desks, including both standing and adjustable.

Why You Should Choose A Standing Desk

Standing desks have a range of different benefits as opposed to seated desks. Whether it’s health benefits, or simply a mood improver, standing desks are becoming more and more popular. 

Stand up desks are great for your body. Not only does it improve your posture and prevent back pain, but when you’re standing up, your body moves more naturally. This could mean stretching, walking around, or even just stepping. It allows better blood circulation around the body and to the brain, stimulating new thoughts while improving your mood and productivity.

They can improve focus and work ethic among your team. When they increase energy levels, you are less likely to experience the ‘3 o’clock slump’, where productivity is most likely to drop. Your team are more willing to communicate properly between them as it is easier for them to move around the workplace.

Standing desks are even proven to help burn calories and lose weight. Studies have shown that standing for 3 hours a day can help you lose 3.6kg of fat and burn 30,000 calories over the course of a year. Swapping to a standing desk would therefore reduce obesity as well as improve metabolism.

Standing also comes with more movements such as fidgeting, shivering, and gesturing, as well as making you more likely to walk over to deliver a message in person rather than through an email. 

Of course, you don’t have to spend the whole day standing as it can sometimes take a toll on your feet; our standing desks are adjustable and can be easily lowered so you can sit if you need to.

How To Get Maximum Comfort Out Of A Sit Stand Desk 

It’s not as simple as just buying a desk and expecting standing up to fix all your problems, you need a good workstation design and set-up too. You’ll need to think about:

  • Desk height – Having the desk at the wrong height can mean you are bending over to reach the things on your desk, which takes a toll on your back and posture. Your desk should be at elbow height, allowing your elbows to be at a 90° angle to the floor.
  • Computer set up – Your monitor should be at eye level and at least an arm’s length away from you. Make sure that your keyboard is easy to reach, keeping your wrists straight and your hands slightly below the elbow.
  • Lighting – Natural light may provide adequate lighting to be able to see, it will make a difference to the contrast of your screen. Investing in other light sources, such as a desk lamp, can mean less strain on the eyes.
  • Accessories – Now that standing desks are becoming more popular, more accessories are available to ensure maximum comfort, such as anti-fatigue mats and foot rests. They help to cushion your feet while standing, and to relieve any aches. They will also reduce the impact that standing has on your knees, hips, back, and feet.

Where Can I Get An Adjustable Standing Desk?

You can buy our standing workstations online for delivery in NZ or call us on 09 522 2090. You can even have a look at how they work and try them out in our showroom at 1 Clayton Street, Newmarket.

Hurdleys Office Furniture supplies office furniture brands all over New Zealand. We can help you with your office fitouts and find office chairs for your location. Browse our website further or contact us for more information.

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Ezy-Stand Desk Risers

Our Ezy-Stand Desk Risers are a great alternative to electronic standing desks. Simply place them on top of your existing desks and convert it into a standing desk by smoothly pulling it up to your required height. The Ezy-Stand desk converter comes in two sizes suited for different desk types, carries up to 15 kilograms of weight, and has 15 available height-adjustment options. 


Hurdleys standing desks are better

Hurdleys standard standing desks are robust and can carry loads up to 160 kilograms, and are tried and tested in New Zealand. We also stock standing workstations and offer a full range of accessories, such as the anti-fatigue mat and monitor arms. 


Custom sizes and colours

As experts in this field, we know one size doesn’t fit all. You can specify your personal standing desk’s size as well as its colour to make sure it fits both your interior and business branding. We use Melteca’s range of New Zealand-made surfaces to customise desk panel colours and finishes.


Quick delivery NZ wide

At Hurdleys we have a variety of entry-level and premium standing desks in stock. We also deliver New Zealand wide! For more information, visit our FAQ page or Shipping & Returns page. 

Hurdleys Office Furniture supplies office furniture brands all over New Zealand. We can help you with your office fitouts, eames replica chair, excecutive chairs, workstation desks, desks & more for your location. Browse our website further or contact us for more information.

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