Workstations NZ

If you’re sourcing workstations or computer desks as part of an office makeover or new office fitout, you can trust Hurdleys to have exactly what you require. Our range includes a wide variety of computer work station styles, making it easier to pinpoint a model that will support productivity and tie-in with your brand, whatever your industry sector.

General and more specialised workstations

Whether the user is short or tall, an appropriate workstation is essential for optimum productivity, so we have height-adjustable desks that can adapt to people of all sizes. Sit-stand or standing desks are another speciality at Hurdleys. We also have the space-efficient pod desks and screens, which are great for hot desking situations and offices with limited floor area.

Customise a standard design for your specific needs

Many of the workstations and computer desk solutions available through Hurdleys can be manufactured to your exact specifications. While our customisation service goes above and beyond, our prices are down to earth because we’re able to negotiate with local producers to get favourable prices. The majority of our desks are designed and constructed in New Zealand using quality sustainable materials.

Choose a colour and style that supports your interior design theme

For public-facing office areas, it’s important to ensure your workstations are compatible with your brand image and colour palette. We’ll help you to identify colours and/or textures that uphold your interior design vision. You can also work with us to create a one-of-a-kind workstation – the kind that might be used by a CEO or creative director. If you have an idea in mind, tell us about it.