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4 Facts & benefits about trestle tables

4 Benefits of Trestle Tables | Hurdleys Office Furniture Store

A trestle table consists of a board or tabletop supported by usually two or three trestles connected by a horizontal beam or stretcher. This kind of table can be used as a dining table, or in an office space as a on office desk or conference table. There are several benefits to choosing a trestle table for your workplace, and here are some of them.

Extra legroom

The biggest draw of a trestle table is the fact that it doesn’t have table legs that take up space at the edges of the table. This means you get plenty more legroom at a table like this, and you can usually fit in at least one extra chair. The legroom makes a trestle table a comfortable desk to sit at, with plenty of space to stretch out your legs or move around, and it also makes it an ideal conference table. While it takes up the same space as a conventional table, you can fit a few more people at it, which is great when large groups of people are meeting. A trestle table can even accommodate wheelchairs, making it very accessible. 

Storage space

Another great aspect of the extra space underneath your table is the fact that it makes for great storage. It’s easy to place drawers or storage boxes underneath a trestle table without taking up the space you’re using for your legs, which can help you stay organised and productive and allows you to keep many items easily accessible but still out of sight. In short, a clutter-free desk. Depending on the design of the table, the trestles can come with a shelf that is perfect for storage. Also, trestle tables are usually spacious, giving you storage space on top of the desk as well. You can usually fit small storage boxes, document organisers and the like on a desk like this, helping you keep everything you need nearby.

A variety of designs

Sometimes regular desks can look a bit uniform since there’s only a limited number of changes you can make to them. Trestle tables are a bit easier to diversify, with a large variety of different trestle styles to choose from. Modern trestle tabletops don’t have to be made out of wood either and come in materials like glass and metal as well. These kinds of tables are made in many different styles and are available in all imaginable colours, so it’s easy to find the perfect one. No matter your personal style preferences or the design of the office, there’s a trestle table out there that will fit perfectly. Lastly, there’s of course plenty of choices when it comes to size too, so a trestle table will always suit your needs. Whether it’s a desk or conference table, a trestle table will do the job.

Strength and stability

Trestle tables are known for being extremely stable. This is because the weight of the table is supported by the wide base, and support by a wide base is quite reliable. A trestle table is extremely unlikely to ever tip over accidentally, no matter what you put it through. The base is often made of metal as well, making the table as a whole very strong and stable. If you’re looking for reliability and stability in a table, then this style is perfect for you.

There you have it; those are some of the reasons you might want to consider a trestle table. A good example is the Kenwood Trestle Table that you can find in Hurdley's website, but there are plenty of other options out there to look at. No matter which one you choose, a trestle table is one of those office furniture that will do the job.