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Boyd Whiteboard Wall


$2,519.00 + GST

Grid 40 Whiteboard Panel


$669.00 + GST

Boyd Ultra Thin Frame Whiteboard


from$299.00 + GST

Boyd Summit Mobile Whiteboard


$1,355.00 + GST

Boyd Whiteboard Tables


from$1,619.00 + GST

Move Mobile Whiteboard


from$2,075.00 + GST

Buy A Whiteboard Online Here At Hurdleys Office Furniture  

If you are looking for a whiteboard for sale, get yours from Hurdleys Office Furniture. Hurdleys Office Furniture is a family run business that puts your requirements first. Whether you are looking for great quality products, a fantastic service or fast delivery, you can get it all right here with our company. Read More

There are lots of great benefits to having one of our whiteboards in your office, find out more below about these advantages and why your office needs one.

Once you have a whiteboard in your office, you will wonder how you ever lived without one! While technology is overtaking most aspect of office life, there is nothing like a good old fashioned whiteboard and it is still an absolute staple in most workplaces.

The Benefits Of Having A Whiteboard In Your Office  

  • They Are Reliable - One of the best things about whiteboards is that they are very reliable and this is not a purchase that you are going to have to repeat again and again. Technology, such as tablets and iPads, can break down very quickly and no one wants to be in a meeting that is being delayed due to technology issues. They are also very expensive to replace should they break. This is why whiteboards are so popular, as you can always rely on them. They are simple, effective and you can scribble away on them before erasing anything that you no longer need. 
  • They Are Eco-Friendly - It is becoming more and more important for workplaces to be doing their part for the planet and customers love working with companies who are seen to be environmentally aware and implementing corporate social responsibility. Whiteboards help you to do your bit as it means you do not have to use as much paper. This reduction in paper makes them really cost-effective too. 
  • No Messing Around - We’ve all been there where we’re trying to start a presentation but our technology is not cooperating with us. However, with a whiteboard there is no need to worry about this. With a whiteboard, there is no need to wait for updates, you don’t have to turn it on, and there is no waiting for anything to load. Essentially, there is no messing around with a whiteboard.

With Hurdleys, You’re Always More Than a Customer

Here at Hurdleys Office Furniture, we know that today you are looking for a whiteboard but tomorrow you may need something else for your office and so your experience today has to be perfect. We’ve built our business on the ethos of looking after our customers. We’ve become good at taking the strain for our clients, making sure they get what they need, on time and inside the budget they have.

Take a look at our testimonials and you’ll find compliments about fast delivery and skilled installation but there’s a whole lot more. With Hurdleys customer service you can expect;

  • A friendly, courteous and helpful team who’ll always go the extra mile to meet a customer’s expectations. We know you’re often under pressure when it comes to getting office furniture supplies.
  • Fast Delivery. For one-off items that are sat in stock, such as your whiteboard. For example, they can be on the road to you the same day if you order early enough.
  • Efficiency. If you order something that needs to be assembled, then you’ll meet our skilled team. They don’t only assemble, they’ll position the furniture and tidy up after themselves, taking all the packaging with them.
  • Competitive pricing and excellent quality. You’ll find that Hurdleys don’t compromise on quality in order to meet a price point. We don’t stack ‘em high and sell ‘em cheap. Our customers deserve better than that.

We hope you can see the whiteboard you’re looking for, here on our page. We have quite a few to choose from. Some are straightforward for attachment to the wall and others are whiteboards with stand. In addition, there’s a collection of whiteboards with planners printed on them. Take a good look, the board you need is right here, and we’d love to supply it to you.

Talk To Us About Buying Your Next Whiteboard In NZ

You can buy a whiteboard online here at Hurdleys Office Furniture and you could have it within just a few days. Our fast delivery is just one of the many things that our customers love about our service as they find it is something they cannot get anywhere else.  

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