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Spectrum 3 Chairs

Eden Spectrum 3 Chair


$689.00 + GST

Eden Spectrum 200 Chair


$889.00 + GST

Eden Spectrum 2 Chair


$645.00 + GST

Specifications and Features of Spectrum 3 Chairs

If you are looking for a Spectrum 3 office chair in NZ, then look no further, because here at Hurdleys Office Furniture, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.

Our range of spectrum 3 chairs will help to ensure that you and your team are able to work comfortably whilst sitting at a desk. All of these chairs were specifically designed with comfort, productivity and ergonomics in mind, which is why they feature a curved back in order to provide excellent lumbar support. Read More

Additionally, the height and shape of this chair moulds to the contours of your back, which is why it has been certified for up to 8 hours consistent use (the average length of a working day).


  • Overall size: 700mm width x 1120mm height x 590mm depth (70cm x 112cm x 59cm)
  • Seat: 470mm width x 480mm depth (47cm x 48cm)
  • Height of Seat – 460mm width x 590mm depth (46cm x 59cm)

The Spectrum 3 office chair has a sleek and stylish design, but it also comes with a wide array of other features:

  • The height of the seat is adjustable to suit individual needs and provide appropriate lumbar support.
  • The back tilt is independently adjustable, and has options for either free floating or lockable.
  • The seat tilt is also independently adjustable (and also free floating or lockable).
  • The chair has a 3 lever mechanism for back angle, seat and height adjustments.

We are happy to offer a range of colours to suit your needs, including black, capri, cornflower, gallery, gun smoke, hunter, lawn, mineral red, natural, navy, nebula, pebble grey, riviera, ruby, stonewash, and storm. Please check out our website to see all full range of vibrant and exciting colour choices.

Additional options?

Height Adjustable arms

Long Seat (470mm width x 520mm depth)

Wide Seat (520mm width x 480mm depth)

Long/wide seat (520mm width x 520mm Depth)

Inflatable lumbar support

Please contact our showroom if you would like a quote for these added features.

Talk To Us About Buying A Spectrum 3 Chair In NZ

The importance of investing in proper office seating is something that can easily be overlooked by many employers. However, if the right type of office chairs is not provided, your bottom line could suffer.

  • Firstly, appropriate back support is essential in order to avoid any posture related illnesses, including back-pain or a misalignment of the spine. These medical conditions can impact your company because they might lead to an increase in the amount of sick leave that your employees need to take.
  • It’s also a well-established fact that appropriate seating can have a significant improvement on employee well-being, productivity, and staff morale.

Buy A Spectrum 3 Office Chair From Hurdley’s Office Furniture 

We truly want to help all of our customers create better workspaces and provide them with the best possible service, so if you are looking for a office furniture company that will put your needs first and work around the clock to fulfil all of your furniture requirements, then you to give us a call!

Hurdleys Office Furniture supplies office furniture brands all over New Zealand. We can help you with your office fitouts and find office chairs for your location. Browse our website further or contact us for more information. Read Less