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Kids Chairs

Eden Tag 2.30 Chair


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Eden Tag 2.40 Chair


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Why Have a Chair Designed for Children?

Giving your child their own chair is a great way to take care of their health and posture, as well as promote the importance of home learning. Hurdleys Office Furniture has desks that are specifically designed for kids. Why not get them one of our kids’ chairs to go with it and it can be delivered to you anywhere in NZ? Read More

With our kids’ chairs in NZ, your child can have their own designated space to do their homework or get creative in some other way with crafting. A kids’ chair and table can also give them their own space to eat their dinner, meaning that they are not hunched over or reaching up to a table that is too high for them.

Much like an adult, a child needs a chair that fits them well so that there are no detrimental effects on their health.

When you are looking to buy kids’ chairs online, choose one that allows your child to put their feet flat on the floor. This can help to ensure that they maintain a good position while sitting and makes them comfortable. It is not uncommon to see children with their legs dangling because the chair is too high for their size and it cannot be adjusted. A kids’ chair can combat this.

They should also be able to reach the back of the chair comfortably. Adult chairs are simply too large to enable a child to sit properly, and for this reason alone, you should consider a child’s chair.

A kids’ chair can also be used without support from an adult. With the right sized chair, you will not have to lift them or put any unnecessary strain on your back to get them on a chair.

Get your Kids’ Chair from Hurdleys Office Furniture

Whether you want to place your kids’ chair in their bedroom, the living room or the kitchen, you will find a great range of kids’ chairs online at Hurdleys Office Furniture.

As a family-run business with traditional values, you can count on us to bring you furniture that you will love, and your kids will too. We aim to bring you products that are made in New Zealand wherever possible, as well as ensuring that they are well-designed and durable.

We aim to get your kids’ chair to you as quickly as possible. We have fast turnaround times and shipping, so your child will be enjoying using their new chair before you know it.

Contact Us For Further Question around Kids Chair

If you have any further questions about our kids’ chairs or any of our other products such as office fitoutseames replica chairworkstation desk in NZ, spectrum 3 chair & more for your location, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by phone, email or through our online chat function. Alternatively, come and visit us at our showroom at 1 Clayton Street, Newmarket. We would love to walk you through the different options.

Give your child a seat that is just for them from Hurdleys Office Furniture, and you will be looking after their long-term health and well-being. Read Less