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Looking for an Adjustable Laptop Desk?

If you’ve been looking for the perfect standing desk or adjustable laptop table available online or in NZ, you need look no further than Hurdleys Office Furniture. By browsing our accessible, easy-to-use, and extensive catalogue, which features a wide range of durable, high quality office furniture, you’ll be able to find and buy an adjustable laptop desk (in NZ and beyond) that perfectly suits your needs. Read More

Why Buy Adjustable Laptop Tables from Hurdleys Office Furniture?

We are a family-centered, small, and agile collection of furniture experts with passion, dedication, and decades of industry experience behind us. We are a family team that embodies traditional values, and we pride ourselves on exceptional, hands-on, highly personable customer service. We are in this business because we genuinely love what we do, and we build genuine, mutually beneficial, and satisfying relationships with our customers that often last for years. That’s why, time and time again, people come back to Hurdleys Office Furniture: whether they’re home-owners creating an office or study space, purchasers for corporate or educational spaces, or just somebody looking for a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing office desk and ergonomic chair! Whether you’re making your own little at-home writer’s den, crafts table, remote working hub, or homework space, or you’re looking to do an office fitouts or university lecture hall, we can steer you to the right products at very competitive prices.

Why Use Adjustable Laptop Table?

No two people are exactly alike, and no two people have exactly the same needs! The working world is waking up to the fact that a healthy and comfortable worker is a happy and productive worker, and that begins with providing the right working tools. A standing desk greatly improves your posture, prevents backpain, aligns your body in a more natural position than it’s in when sitting down, and, because of the gravitational pull acting on your body when you’re standing it’s great for your lymphatic drainage (which is basically the key to keeping your body energised and working efficiently!). Standing while working (or crafting, writing, gaming, studying, etc) is great for your circulation, which is the key to getting plenty of oxygen to your brain, thus stimulating plenty of productivity, thinking power, and innovative ideas!

But what if you don’t want to stand all the time? What if you want the option to sit – when you’re tired, or doing a particularly long stretch at the keyboard?

That’s the genius of our adjustable laptop tables in NZ – the key is in the name! With many of our models, you can change their height to suit either a standing or a sitting position, depending on your health, mood, physical state, needs, and wants on any particular day! Imagine completing your work while standing in the morning but wanting to sit while you continue working after your afternoon coffee. With our desks (check out our chairs, too!) this is possible.

You can find further details about our standing desks and adjustable laptop tables online. We are also available and always ready and willing to answer any requests or questions – try our convenient chat function to get started right away! Read Less