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How to set up a standing desk

How to Set Up a Standing Desk | Hurdleys Office Furniture Store

Standing and adjustable desks have become increasingly popular in recent years. Studies show that standing for work is beneficial for your health and increases productivity levels, so it is easy to see why increasing numbers of businesses across NZ are equipping their workforce with these desks.

Just as with a sitting desk, a standing desk must be set up correctly to best support your body and natural posture. Here are some tips to ensure your set up is perfect for your individual requirements.

The desk should be at or slightly below elbow height when arms are bent at a 90-degree angle.

When measuring this height, knees should have a slight bend, the neck should be in a neutral position and your shoulders relaxed.

The wrists should remain neutral; not inclined up or down.

Always remember that a small adjustment can go a long way. If you are feeling uncomfortable, make changes of a centimetre or two and test for half an hour to feel the difference that it makes.

Benefits of an Adjustable Desk

A desk that can adjust between a sitting position and a standing position has been proven to be the most beneficial for your body. The negative effects of both sitting and standing for too long are minimised when one simply alternates between the two throughout the day.

Benefits of a standing desk include:

  • Burning more calories throughout the day
  • Lower blood sugar levels; especially after lunch
  • Improved energy levels
  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • Less risk of developing chronic back pain
  • Increased productivity

As humans, our bodies are not designed to be in a static position all day. Therefore, desks that can be adjusted to suit both sitting and standing positions possess the most benefits. With an adjustable desk, the user is able to sit as required to rest the hamstrings, glutes and lower back and stand when necessary to improve blood circulation and reduce the pressure on the spine.

Other Factors to Take into Consideration

Whilst it is important to set up the height of your desk correctly for working, these are not the only factors to consider when creating the perfect workspace.

Aligning the height of your computer monitor is equally crucial so as not to strain the neck and back. As previously stated, the neck should remain neutral and shoulders relaxed whilst working so the monitor needs to be angled correctly to complement this.

When amending your desk height for periods of standing throughout the day, be sure to remember that the keyboard and monitor may need adjustment also.

Extra accessories can create a more comfortable working environment. Anti-fatigue mats help to promote better blood circulation and arm supports can reduce pressure on the wrists and forearms whilst working.

Finally, remember to take regular breaks. Both sitting and standing in a static position for too long is bad for your health so adjusting your stance, going for a walk and stretching should be regular habits throughout your day.

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