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Bar Leaners

Nardi Cube 140 Bar Leaner


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Why Every Office Needs a Bar Leaner

The old idea of an office where you sit down in the morning at your office desk and don’t really get up again till lunchtime is being challenged on several fronts, for several reasons – and here are two of them.

First came the anti-sedentary work movement, in which we are being urged to keep mobile for our health’s sake because the human body is not designed to sit around all day with only the brain doing any work.

Then came the concepts of hot-desking and desk-sharing, which are also about our mindset as much as our physical mobility. As the saying goes: be alert. New Zealand needs Lerts.

Where Do You Put Bar Leaners?

Clearly, the name owes something to bars, in other words, pubs, where you don’t plonk yourself down and take root, but stay up and sociable. There are those who still do that, of course, but the trend is towards higher surfaces and chairs that enable you to relax while still being, so to speak, on your toes. This suits the modern office perfectly because communication is vital, and this is a way of improving it. So, a bar leaner in New Zealand can be in the canteen area - or as close as you get to a canteen: maybe just where the kettle lives.

Where can I Buy a Bar Leaner Online in New Zealand?

Right here, that’s where. You can buy a bar leaner NZ here on our website. We’ve got a variety of shapes and sizes, and you will find much of our stock is made in NZ because that’s important to us. So, browse away, make your choice, then order it, pay for it and it will be on its way to you in the twinkling of an eye. Who needs bar leaners? You do, or at least your office does.