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Deluxe Office Chairs

Eden Cloud Ergo Chair


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Knight Cygnet Chair
Knight Cygnet Chair

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How to Spot the Right Deluxe Office Chair for You

When looking for new office chairs, you don’t want to cut corners. A bad office chair is not just uncomfortable, but it can also have detrimental effects on your health. To avoid those long-term repercussions, you need to invest. The best office chairs provide support, comfort and are designed with ergonomics chair elements in mind. Thankfully, we have a whole range of deluxe office chairs for sale in Hurdleys. 

It has been proven that spending too much time sitting at your desk can cause a range of problems, from back pain to arthritis. Ergonomically designed chairs are the way forward. They improve posture and are comfortable, keeping you healthy and boosting productivity. Our selection of deluxe chairs will help you keep back pain at bay, whilst also allowing you comfort and flexibility.  Investing in a deluxe office chair from Hurdleys means an investment into your future health. Furthermore, our range of office chairs is stylish, sturdy and above all, affordable. Read More

So, we’ve established why you need a chair that is designed with ergonomics in mind. But how do you know which deluxe chairs offer the most support? Well, there are a few criteria to look out for when shopping for a quality desk chair. Firstly, you want to ensure that the chair is adjustable. It has to conform to the needs of your body, so make sure that the height and any armrests are fully adjustable. 

Why You Will Thank a Stylish Office Chair

Lumbar support is essential when it comes to finding the right desk chair. Your chair’s lumbar spine provides vital support to the neck and upper body. You also need to look out for that vital curve in the spine, it’s what sets a quality ergonomic chair apart from the rest. That curve will help keep your spine aligned, and it will also help to even weight distribution. 

If you’re looking for stylish office chair in NZ, our website has extensive pictures, descriptions, and reviews for all our chairs. So, finding the right ergonomic chair will be a breeze!

Get Your Deluxe Office Chairs With The Best Customer Service

Here at Hurdleys, we pride ourselves on customer service and experience. We have over four decades of experience in selling office furniture and we have taken good care of every single customer. If you are having any issues, any member of our friendly and approachable team will be at your disposal. 

We also have short lead times, and we are very quick to turn our quotes around. If you are ever stuck for office furniture, we are more than happy to help. We have often been the business that people rely on if they need a few chairs or desks on short notice. So, you could have a deluxe office chair in your office in a matter of days!

Check Out our Website For Deluxe Office Chairs and Showroom

There is a wide range of deluxe office chairs for sale online and in our Auckland showroom. We also have kneeling chair. Give us a visit and browse the whole collection before making your decision! Read Less