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A Credenza in New Zealand: A Touch of Class in the Office

Office furniture is functional; it’s not famous for its elegance and there is nothing romantic about the names, either, desks, chairs, shelves: it’s all relentlessly practical stuff and the English words can also be a bit on the prosaic side. But here’s a strictly practical, functional piece of kit that sounds fancy purely because it has an Italian name: a credenza. Read More

A credenza in NZ is the perfect supplement to a desk when you just need a bit more storage space. It’s really just called a credenza but is often used with the word office in front because its roots go back centuries and one of the places you would have found it originally was in church, where they would keep all sorts of things in it, safely tucked away but handy. The mantra of the tidy people is “a place for everything and everything in its place”, but the more bits and pieces you acquire – as practical and necessary as they may be – the more places you need to keep them.

An office credenza unit New Zealand-style is unlikely to be filled with candles, napkins and communion wine, but hey, that’s your choice entirely. Keep files in folders in it, stick a printer on top and the spare paper below (with a bottle of Jim Beam bourbon tucked around the back if you like – we won’t tell anybody). The point is, it’s practical and good looking, and if you position it next to your desk – maybe at right angles to take up less space – you’ve got yourself a thoroughly worthwhile addition to your office furniture from nz. It’s a consideration that has always existed with furniture and continues to this day: how can you make the best use of space when space is money and must be used efficiently to help the bottom line? But just as at home, in a house with a toddler at play, you can throw all the toys into a big box and make the place look tidy, so you can make your office appear neat and ordered just by keeping the clutter out of sight.

An Office Credenza in NZ: What’s in a Name?

As for the actual meaning, like many words, its development has become confused over the years and although it is related to the English word credence, that doesn’t take us any closer to a clear reason why it was applied to a piece of furniture. It’s one of those things we don’t need to know, so let’s leave it at that and just enjoy having something around the place that has a bit of character about it.

You can read too much into a name, anyway. Three credenza units in nz we stock are called Block, Oki and Oslo, and the latter was made in NZ, so although it is a great-looking item with a bit of Norwegian style about it, the name is just a marketing person’s idea. Is the Block one a more solid, non-nonsense option? Well, it’s different and we aim to provide our customers with enough variety to cover all bases. Whatever floats your boat.

Order Online or Come and Have a Look

Here at Hurdleys, we are set up to take orders for items such asfurniture online and deliver them to you, but we do have an actual showroom, so if you would prefer to see a credenza from nz in the flesh, by all means, come and have a look. Read Less