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Benefits of a Stand Up Desk

Benefits of a Stand Up Desk | Hurdleys Office Furniture Store

At Hurdleys, we are always on the look out for ways we can boost morale, increase productivity and optimise comfort in the workplace through the distribution of fantastic office furniture. Therefore, we keep up to date with all the trends that embody effective ergonomics. The latest office craze is the stand-up desk which is proving to be more and more popular due to its boundless benefits. So, in this post, we’ll explore why it’s becoming a sell-out item.

There’s More Flexibility 

Unlike its standard seating counterpart, these superb stand-up desks can be adjusted so that you can alternate between sitting and standing. You can opt for a classic rectangular shape or you can go for a more streamlined straight up and square version. There are even the electric desk varieties for a sleek, modern touch. Moreover, the fact that these desks are modifiable means that they will suit people of all heights and fit with any kind of chairs. Check out our sensational range of stand up desks for more details!

The possibilities are simply endless:

  • From the main office area to the boardroom- they make for a functional, everyday surface and an appropriate presenting stand.
  • The perfect amount of room for all your devices.
  • Opens up the surrounding space to welcome colleagues.
  • Great for disabled members of staff as they can adjust the height to accommodate them best.

You’ll Be Able to Beat Restlessness

One of the biggest problems with sedentary work is that feeling of inactivity. There’s no outlet to expel any energy or really get the blood flowing and ideas pumping. Sitting for hours on end can leave us feeling stuck and sluggish. With a stand-up desk, there’s that invitation to wander, pace, and move about, all the while your screens are at eye level and your materials and stationery are accessible, so you’ll still be engaged at the same time.

Office work is often carried out in front of a computer, there’s a whole host of tasks to do and little time to do them. The idea of the stand-up desk is to give you that spring in your step, that little bounce and buzz to spur you into action.

They Can Help to Heighten Your Health

Our health is our top priority and with a stand-up desk, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we can alleviate some concerning health-related troubles that come with sedentary work. For example, standing is great for circulation and can help tackle back pain. Another major issue with being seated is posture. With everything set up correctly, a stand-up desk can eradicate poor body angling. Furthermore, it is said that using these particular products can help you to burn calories, give you extra energy and reduce aches and strains.

Overall, this could be an excellent ergonomic investment that will not only improve your health but also your wellbeing. Why not experiment with this new desk style and see the amazing advantages for yourself?! It'’'s time to show that we are enthusiastic and driven to innovate the traditional ways of working in an office. That it doesn’t have to be an injury-riddled, dull and chained to a seat sort of place. Let’s show that instead we can make work active, interesting and as comfortable as possible!