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Active Task Chair


from$480.00 + GST

Ava Chair
Sold out
Ava Chair


$656.00 + GST

Aviator Bar Stool - No Back
Sold out
Aviator Bar Stool - No Back


$220.00 + GST

Aviator Bar Stool - With Back
Sold out
Aviator Bar Stool - With Back


$220.00 + GST

Aviator Chair


$241.00 + GST

Babila Bar Stool


$679.00 + GST

Beetle Chair Replica


$195.00 + GST

Big Boy Executive High Back Chair

Sylex Ergonomics

$855.00 + GST

Bravo Mesh Back Chair


$620.00 + GST

Buro Aura Ergo+ Chair


$529.00 + GST

Buro Bambach Saddle Seat


$1,209.00 + GST

Buro Brio ll Chair
Buro Brio ll Chair


$455.00 + GST $495.00 + GST

Buro Diablo Chair


$559.00 + GST

Buro Elan Chair


from$525.00 + GST

Buro Enso Technician Chair
Sold out
Buro Enso Technician Chair


$639.00 + GST

Buro Envy Skid Base Chair


from$129.00 + GST

Buro Everest Executive Chair
Sold out
Buro Everest Executive Chair


$875.00 + GST

Buro Image Architectural Chair
Sold out
Buro Image Chair
Sold out
Buro Image Chair


$369.00 + GST

Buro Knee Chair Black


$565.00 + GST

Buro Lindis 4 Leg Chair


$299.00 + GST

Office Chairs NZ

At Hurdleys Office Furniture, we have all kinds of different office chairs, from swivel chairs to sled chairs. Our small, agile team have been supplying New Zealand offices with premium furniture for 40 years, providing only the best customer service. Whether you’re an individual or a team of 100, we have the right chair for you. Read More

When it comes to office chairs in NZ, Hurdleys Office Furniture are at the forefront. We have all types of chairs so whether you are looking to buy cheap office chairs or you want to invest in executive chairs, you will find that we have a wide range for you to choose from. What is more, because you will be buying from Hurdleys Office Furniture, you can have peace of mind knowing that your chair has been well-designed.

The Importance Of Comfortable, Effective Office Chairs.

With more and more companies doing business in offices and boardrooms, it’s more important than ever to ensure comfort in the workplace; people now spend on average 12 hours a day sitting down, both in the office and outside of work. 

To maintain a good posture and avoid any health concerns related with sitting down, companies need to ensure that their team have the right chairs. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day can also dampen the mood of an employee, decreasing productivity and preventing them from focussing on their work properly. 

Even in a meeting, a comfortable chair will mean a happier client, therefore influencing their decisions more in your favour.

How To Choose The Best Office Chair In New Zealand

It may sound silly but having the right chairs in your office has been proven to improve productivity in the workplace. To ensure the highest level of comfort and overall happiness of your team, there are a few things you need to consider before you buy office chairs online or in-store.

  • Budget – Determine your budget from the beginning. Higher prices do not always equal better quality or better comfort.
  • Comfort – Make sure that you have your employees’ best interests in mind. If the chair you’re sat in all day is uncomfortable, it’s going to impact your mood, productivity and even create health issues in some cases.
  • Space – If you have a small office, it wouldn’t make sense to choose a bigger chair as it then limits space for movement and other furniture. Even if it’s the comfiest chair on the market, filling your office with furniture that is too big can make the room feel smaller and claustrophobic.
  • Design – You want your office to look professional to visitors and potential clients, so maybe the bright pink chair isn’t the best choice. Make sure the design of your chair matches both your office and the impression you want to leave on your client.
  • Employees – They are the ones who will be spending their days in these chairs, so make sure that they are happy with your choice. Of course, it’s not easy to make everyone happy, especially with a bigger team, but happier employees mean a happier workplace.

Which Type of White Office Chair is Right for You or Your Colleagues?

By having a store where you can view a whole range of office furniture chairs online, you are spoiled for choice.

This is just some of our range:

  • Executive chairs
  • Leather chairs
  • Office stools
  • Spectrum 3 chairs
  • Mesh chairs
  • Plus, many more

Here are some tips for narrowing down your search and finding the perfect chair for your office.

Executive chairs give you a powerful look in your office. They are typically high-backed and therefore suitable for tall workers. Also, they are designed to bring the ultimate comfort to the user, so they are an excellent investment for anyone who spends a lot of time at their desk.

Leather chairs are easy to maintain and look impressive. Should anything be spilt in the office, such as a cup of coffee, it is much easier to wipe it off a leather chair. Like an executive chair, they give a powerful impression for both colleagues and visitors alike.

Office stools often have an ergonomic design, meaning that they have been specifically made with the human body in mind and put your health, comfort, and posture first. They can also promote active sitting. Our Spectrum chairs are super comfortable, plus with their ergonomic design, you can be reassured that you are considering the comfort and health of yourself and your colleagues. With the Spectrum 3 known as New Zealand’s most comfortable chair, they are a sure contender. Mesh chairs are modern, durable, and they are designed with ergonomics in mind. The other advantage of mesh chairs is that they are excellent during any hot weather as the mesh design allows for breathability.

Today, A Work Chair Has to be Comfortable for All Employees

Responsible businesses know and understand that you can’t sit your staff down on uncomfortable or inappropriate chairs. Firstly, a poor chair could lead to discomfort for the employee and secondly, if they are uncomfortable, they are not going to enjoy their work and the quality is likely to suffer. It makes sense to set sensible budgets to get the comfort and quality expected in any respectable company. The good news is that most manufacturers understand workplace legislation and make their office chairs to meet and exceed the required specifications. Here at Hurdleys, we stock only the finest quality but that doesn’t mean it’s expensive.

If You Know What You Want, You can Buy Office Chairs Online

If you’re searching for a one-off work chair, then buying online is easy here on our website. However, if you have a fit out project for new office space, then this is an area where you may need help and this is where our excellent Hurdleys customer service kicks in. Some manufacturers design ranges of furniture that link together in multiple sizes. The benefit of this approach is that no matter what available space you have, you can maximise the seating and desktop areas, whilst still making the new office look spectacular and an exciting place to work. Our team here in Auckland are specialists at linking ranges and workplace chairs. They simply know what works and what doesn’t, give them a call and see if they can help you.

Buy Your Office Chairs from Hurdleys Office Furniture

Whether you are looking to buy your office chairs online or in person at our showroom, Hurdleys Office Furniture is your first choice. With our experienced team, we can talk you through your options and show you chairs that will work in your office. We have decades of industry experience, and we use this to bring you the best selection of office chairs in NZ, meaning that you do not need to shop around. What is more, we have short lead times so even if you need your new chairs quickly, we can deliver. We don’t let our customers down. Even if you need chairs the next day, we’ve got you covered. Need 10 chairs in 2 days’ time? We’re on it. Our high-quality furniture can be custom made to suit the needs of you and your employees, delivered when you need it.

We Also have An Extensive Range of Computer Chairs in NZ

At Hurdleys we have a range of high quality computer chairs at competitive prices. We are a family based business committed to treating every customer with a smile! This makes us the best place to find computer chairs on sale in New Zealand so take some time to browse our full collection today.

More than ever, people are working at computers for long periods, and therefore they need the best computer chairs in NZ to ensure they are safe and comfortable when using the computer.

At Hurdleys Office Furniture, our extensive range of computer chairs for sale means that you can find the right one for you or your colleagues.

You can buy all our white office and furniture chairs online, or pop into our showroom at 1 Clayton Street , Newmarket to discuss your requirements and have a look at what we have to offer. Hurdleys Office Furniture is proud to be a family team with traditional values. We are here to help hardworking Kiwis get the most from their office experience and do great work in comfort. Browse through our range of office chairs today and find the one that is right for you.

Why Hurdleys are the Best Choice For Top Office Chairs

More and more New Zealand businesses are choosing Hurdleys' white office chair for their office furniture needs. Why?, we have a wealth of industry knowledge, over 4 decades of experience to be exact. We know what makes for good design in the best modern office chairs and we only stock the very best products.

We are a family-owned business and family values run deep to our core. We have a friendly and approachable team of staff who are always happy to help with any questions. Just like family, we will look out for you and your business. Our fast turnaround times have earned us a solid reputation and businesses often rely on us to supply furniture on short notice.

The Office Chair New Zealand Needs

The range of office chairs in Auckland is wide – and rightly so. The office chair NZ needs varies according to the individual. Work chairs influence how people perform. Maybe a small office chair as a standard item fits the bill for the company philosophy, but to buy office chairs in NZ is to provide individuals with the comfort and practicality they need.

Horses for Courses: A Perfect Office Chair for Everyone

A comfortable workforce is an efficient workforce and at Hurdleys, we have options to suit everyone. People come in various shapes and sizes and to give of their best they must be given the right basics to work with – and the home office chair is one of those basics. We have a range that can keep your staff in good order because they spend a lot of time using the furniture you provide. If people feel good, they work well. It’s human nature and it makes perfect business sense.

Let’s Work Together to Find the Right Work Chairs

Browse the website (or the showroom if you’re in the area) and if you have questions, just fill in the online form and we’ll get back to you promptly We’re in the business of keeping everyone happy and the right small office chair can make all the difference.

Purchase Your Computer Chairs or Office Chairs In New Zealand From Hurdleys

Hurdleys Office Furniture supplies office furniture brands all over New Zealand. We can help you with your office fitouts and find office chairs for your workplace. Browse our website further or contact us for more information.

We can help you cater for many situations with our range of offices chairs:

  • Kneeling Chairs
  • Offering a different sitting position these chairs encourage good posture.
  • Mesh Task Chairs
  • Mesh chairs help to fully support your back.
  • Operator & Task Chairs
  • Architectural & Specialist Chairs
  • Executive Chairs
  • A high quality office chair that can give you a feeling of power and confidence.
  • Eames Replica Chairs
  • Meeting room & Visitor Chairs
  • These chairs can fit in with the décor of your office.
  • Cafe & Bar Stools
  • Chairs that are comfortable, hard wearing and look good.

With so many options we would be happy to answer any questions and help to find out what is best for you! Read Less