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Steel Storage Cabinets

Mila Steel Mobile


from$305.00 + GST

Proceed Filing Cabinet


from$365.00 + GST

Proceed Steel Cupboard


from$565.00 + GST

Echo 3 Drawer Steel Mobile


from$355.00 + GST

Proceed Slider


$1,309.00 + GST

Mila Slider Cabinet


$1,245.00 + GST

Proceed Tambour


from$1,109.00 + GST

Mila Tambour


from$939.00 + GST

Why Choose Us For Steel Storage Cabinets in NZ?

Hello, and welcome to Hurdleys Office Furniture! We are the go-to providers for everything office related in NZ and beyond. As a passionate and dedicated team of agile experts with decades of combined experience in the industry, we are committed to connecting you with the perfect office furniture for your office, study space, writer’s den, crafts room, library, or classroom. Through our extensive, easy-to-browse online catalogue, you can find the best steel storage cabinets available online in NZ!. Read More

Other than the fact that we sell durable and high-quality storage steel cabinets in NZ? Well, we pride ourselves on unparalleled customer service. Throughout every step of choosing, ordering, delivering, and installing your steel storage cabinets in NZ (as well as any desks, chairs, and accessories you may need). We offer quick turnarounds on quotes, delivery, and installation, and our customer service reps are always ready and willing to help out. We’ll answer any question or problem you have with a solution and a smile!

Do You Need a Steel Storage Cabinet?

Put it this way. Many precious documents – like birth certificates, visas, degrees, contracts, and more – can be scanned and stored digitally, but you’ll still need the original document in most legal contexts. They also can’t easily be replaced if they’re damaged, lost, stolen, or degrade beyond use over time. A steel storage cabinet creates a secure, climate controlled, and organised solution, meaning you’ll never find yourself at a loss when buying a home, filing your taxes, getting a new passport, or applying for a job and need to supply your degree certificate or other relevant qualifications as proof of your education. A steel storage cabinet also circumvents the disadvantages of digital storage. Technology is fallible, and can be stolen, hacked, or simply break down – online storage solutions like the cloud are convenient, but their security can be compromised, and you don’t want to rely on the internet to be able to retrieve what you need when you’re up against the clock. On devices like tablets and laptops, you can’t access your documents if the device is out of battery.

With your storage steel cabinet, you’ll be able to store notes, research, important documents, written feedback, and more. Whether you’re looking for a single storage solution for your home, or you’re looking to kit out an entire university, library, classroom or school.

We Provide More Office Furniture Other Than Just Steel Storage Cabinets

All of our products are highly sturdy, space-saving, and highly efficient ways of protecting your education and personal information. We also sell standing desks, adjustable desks, tables, and a wide range of chairs, including:

We at Hurdleys Office Furniture would love to hear from you, so feel free to reach out to us today via the details on our website or use our simple chat function for an instant response! We can’t wait to get your email, call, or message! Read Less