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Our NZ Trestle Tables - The Most Versatile Table You Can Own

When you are limited on space or work in a changing environment then it is always best to go for furniture items that are simple, versatile and practical.  Trestle desks are the best table or desk types you can possibly have inside any business or home for one big reason - they can be used for so many different functions.

These tables or desks are very simple in design yet surprisingly stylish.  The simple look and design of these tables makes them practical for just about any use under the sun including the following;

For business use - You can invest in one of these desks as a dedicated work is in your office or as a temporary work area that you can move around within the company.  These tables are also perfect for guest seating, cafeteria seating or for general storage surfaces inside the office.

For student use - These desks are perfect as student work areas in colleges or universities or for any other type of institution or dorm.  They are easy to clean, highly durable and easy to move around on site.

For home use - Trestle desks can be used in homes as a home office desk, children’s study space, docking station, command centre in any room or can even be used as a dinner table in the kitchen or dining room. 

There is just no end to the uses and practicality of these functional tables. They are a perfect solution for growing businesses, changing families or for those that love the simple clean cut minimalist office style. 

Get Your Custom Trestle Table in NZ Right Now

At Hurdleys Office Furniture we create, install and supply a wide range of office furniture and accessories and our trestle tables are some of the most popular furnishing pieces in our ranges.  That is because this isn’t just a versatile table but you can also get it customised to suit your need perfectly.

These tables can be created in all different sizes.  These tables can be created up to 4 meters long, can be designed to different widths and we can powder coat and steel finish these tables in any colour or colours you like.  The table can also be fitted with a power box at the tables centre to ease work comfort or to reduce cable clutter. 

Our tables are perfect for you whether you are looking for something small and classic or something big and bold.

Buy Your Trestle Tables & Desks Online

Want to get awooden trestle tables from NZ for your home or business?  Then get a free quote right now by filling out our online form.  We will provide you with a price based on the exact size and colour requirement you might have for this custom designed table.  Hurdleys will create and can have your table delivered anywhere in New Zeeland in no time at all. 

With our practical office solutions, there is no need for you to struggle to find sufficient workspace within your home or company.  Give Hurdley’s Office Furniture a call right now to find out more about these wonderful tables. 

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