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The Best Standing Desks in 2023

The Best Standing Desks in 2022 | Hurdleys Office Furniture

Whether you’re working from home or at the office, a standing desk has many health benefits. Sitting down all day isn’t good for us, so more and more people have moved to standing at their desk during the workday. If you or your workplace would like to join their ranks, check out this list of the best standing desks in 2023.

Broadway Standing Desk

This desk is both stylish and practical. It’s electrically adjustable to allow you to get it to the perfect height and operates quickly and quietly when you adjust it. With a height range between 685mm to 1145mm, it will suit everyone. It’s also available in three different sizes so that you can find one that perfectly suits your needs and the space available. All of these are quite large, so no matter how much desk space you need, the Broadway can accommodate. The Broadway standing desk has a strong steel structure that gives the desk 100kg of weight loading capacity, allowing you to put whatever you need on it. It comes with a 15-year warranty and is available in different colour combinations to fit into any office environment and style, including black frame with oak top, black frame with white top, white frame with oak top, and white frame with white top. The sleek design makes it a perfect addition to any workspace.

Deskalator Medium

The Deskalator medium is the perfect way of converting your current office desk into a standing one, without needing to replace any furniture. It’s perfect for someone who wants to be able to shift between sitting and standing throughout the workday, as all you have to do is adjust the Deskalator to raise your laptop or monitor higher. The Deskalator has 15 height options that allow you to change between different postures during the day while remaining in an ergonomic position. It has enough space for your monitor, keyboard and mouse and is easy to adjust to different heights if multiple people use the same desk. The Deskalator comes with a 10-year warranty and is available in both black and white to fit the style of your office and your personal taste.

Malmo Electric Laptop Desk

This is the ideal desk solution for those looking for something compact, portable and affordable. With a size of 700 x 400mm, the Malmo Electric Desk is small enough that it doesn’t take up a lot of space in busy areas, but large enough to fit your laptop. It’s also portable and easy to move around due to hidden castors, allowing you to work from wherever you want. This small desk is perfect for working from home, letting you work from the kitchen, the home office, the living room, bedroom or even the balcony. Of course, it works just as well in the office, for when you’d like to bring your laptop to another area of the office or as a place to put the laptop while giving a presentation. Whether you’re standing, sitting on the couch or lying in bed, this smart little desk can be easily manoeuvred and adjusted to fit you, with a height range from 650 to 1030mm. It has a 10-year warranty and a 20-kilo loading weight. Ideal for the home worker or people with a disability, this electric laptop desk has many versatile uses and lets you work in your own way. It comes in black, white, and white with a timber top.


Pintari Standing Desk

The Pintari standing desk offers a reliable and height adjustable electric desk solution. The dual motor configuration provides greater speed, power and an extended height range to the frame while remaining silent when adjustaing. It will suit everyone with a height range betwen 615 – 1270mm. The pintari standing desk has a loading capacity of upto 140kg which allows you to put whatever you need on it. The pintari desk comes with 3 height adjustable settings with LCD display Fast and quiet operation (30mm per second). It comes in few different colour options including black frame with black, white, or oak top, white frame with white or oak top.

If you’re looking for a standing desk, these three are your best bets! Whatever your needs are, one of them is bound to suit you. Improve your health with one of these standing desks. Or for more information, you can contact Hurdley's for your next office furniture.