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Our Top 3 Most Comfortable Office Chairs

Our Top 3 Most Comfortable Office Chairs

Hurdleys is proud to be one of the leading local office furniture store in Auckland, so much so that “ergonomic” is basically our middle name. And while every office chair piece is great in its own right, little details and nuanced benefits can make a world of difference, which is why we’ve curated our top three most comfortable office chairs below.

Check out our top office chair picks from the Hurdleys range:

The Roma 3 Lever High Back

The Roma 3 lever High Back is our biggest selling operator chair in the entire range. While it sports a classic office chair look, don’t let appearances deceive you. This chair boasts an exceptionally comfortable seat and a supportive high back, and is the cheapest ergonomic chair out of our selection. It also has plenty of seat and back adjustment configurations to provide different users with their own ultimate office seating experience, as well as optional adjustable arms for extra support.

The Roma 3 lever is available in six classic colours, ranging from smooth navy blue to bright cherry red.

The Metro Office Chair

Offering a more stylish, modern look, the Metro Office Chair boasts a mesh back, polished aluminium base, and fully adjustable ergonomic features that make it appropriate for this list. The high-density polyurethane foam seat provides immediate comfort for over eight hours of sitting. While it has credentials in the ergonomic area, it’s also a sustainable choice – the Metro is made of top-quality materials which are 98 per cent recyclable.

Practical, comfortable, and sustainable, the Metro is a no-brainer for workers needing seating for long hours, and can be commonly spotted in many Auckland office spaces.

The Spectrum 3

Saving the best for last, the Spectrum 3 offers optimum ergonomic adjustability with its wide array of adjustments options. This chair sports a robust backrest and contoured seat - both unique to the Spectrum range - providing great lumbar support and seating comfort. For these reasons, the Spectrum 3 is fully endorsed by Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) as it complies with its many regulations, and is widely recommended for ACC clients by many physiotherapy clinics, truly setting it apart from the competition. Don’t wait until you or your employee start complaining about lower back problems – the Spectrum 3 chair is the top choice for providing the most comfortable and ergonomic chair experience.

As a cherry on top, the Spectrum 3 has the widest colour range among our top three, as it comes in 22 different colours - you can be comfortable and stay on-brand!

All three chairs – the Roma 3, the Metro, and the Spectrum 3 – come with 10-year warranties, and are great seating options when you need long, comfortable hours in a chair.

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