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Why You Need a Mobile Whiteboard

A good whiteboard is essential for any office and can be used for a range of different things. You can use it while brainstorming, to keep track of the agenda during meetings or to make notes that are easily available to everyone, or just to draw and write out your ideas in a large space. Whiteboards can even serve as room dividers or partitions when not in use. They’re easy to use and are a great tool for any business. So, if you’re looking for a whiteboard, where should you go? To Hurdleys Office Furniture! Our whiteboards and mobile whiteboards are high-quality products and come with fast delivery and the option to have us assemble them for you. We’re one of New Zealand’s favourite office furniture providers for both private home offices and businesses, and we have the perfect whiteboard for any situation. Read More

Why should you invest in a whiteboard for your office? The reasons are many!

  • Using a whiteboard to brainstorm, draw and write has been proven to improve productivity in employees, since it engages us both physically and mentally
  • It also contributes to engagement and encourages participation
  • Whiteboards allow for teamwork and collaboration, as multiple people can use the same whiteboard and it gives space for everyone to make a contribution
  • They’re low maintenance and require no upkeep, being easy to wipe off and keep clean
  • Whiteboards are great for presentations, allowing for the presenter to write during the presentation or to project a presentation onto the whiteboard screen
  • With its magnetic features, a whiteboard can also be utilised as a bulletin board where you can hang up documents, charts, graphs, images and more
  • They’re easy to use! Anyone can use a whiteboard without training or any particular IT skills

The Benefits of a Mobile Whiteboard

There are plenty of options out there when you’re looking for a suitable whiteboard, but have you ever heard of mobile whiteboards? These whiteboards are attached to steel legs and castors which make them easy to move around. That’s the main benefit of a mobile whiteboard. You can move it from the conference room back to the office with ease or move it between desks when someone new needs to use it and wants it nearby. The mobility allows you to get the perfect angle in a presentation context or make the office renovation that much easier. You can easily move the whiteboard into storage when it’s not being used and is only taking up space. You don’t need to put any strain on your back or carry something heavy, simply roll the whiteboard where you need it.

Buy Mobile Whiteboards in NZ

At Hurdleys, we have the perfect mobile whiteboards for all businesses. Our whiteboard is double-sided, magnetic and has lockable castors. It comes in three different size options depending on your preference and requirements and has Forever Surface Guarantee. We’re known for our great customer service and our ability to supply quickly when needed, with a track record of delivering high-quality products at short notice. If your office needs a whiteboard, check out our range of mobile whiteboards in NZ online. If you have any further questions about our mobile whiteboards or any of our other products such as office fitoutseames replica chairworkstation desk NZspectrum 3 chair & more for your location, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by phone, email or through our online chat function. Alternatively, come and visit us at our showroom at 1 Clayton Street, Newmarket. We would love to walk you through the different options. Read Less