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Flip and Folding Tables

Jump Flip Meeting Table


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Knight Life Round Folding Table

Knights Group

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Knight Life Straight Folding Table

Knights Group

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Jump Flip Mobile Leaner


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I.AM Flip Table

Thinking Works

$709.00 + GST

U.R Flip Table

Thinking Works

$885.00 + GST

Looking for Flip Tables In NZ?

Some offices are a little lacking in space. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have access to a large table suitable for client meetings, team meetings and collaboration efforts. the solution is simple: flip tables. No, we’re not suggesting you toss a meeting room table around the room in frustration at the lack of space. Rather, invest in a table that can be flipped into a vertical position for easier, more convenient storage when it’s not in use. Read More

After your meeting you take the top of the table, flip it up, and wheel it to wherever you would like to store it. It takes seconds, and because these flip tables are mounted on wheels, it takes practically no physical effort at all and can be done in seconds.

Flip tables in NZ are becoming increasingly popular. Because they can be easily hidden from view when not in use, they encourage a tidier environment and work well with minimalist decor choices. As more team members return to the office, it’s good to continue the collaborative approach and work through complex issues as a team. You can provide the space for your team without compromising other aspects of your business by investing in a professional table that suits your needs.

Shop For Flip Tables Online With Hurdleys

A key feature of any table is its construction. Those that opt for the cheapest materials soon find that they need to replace the table time and time again. But when you choose a table of higher quality, it’ll last for years to come. Even with frequent usage, Hurdleys tables stand up against wear and tear.

We even offer a 15-year warranty on our flip tables - because we want our customers to know that what they are purchasing is an investment in the future of their business.

Hurdleys has specialised in office furniture for several decades now. And that experience allows us to give superior customer service to all who come our way. It’s our mission to ensure we help business owners and office managers create the best environment for their teams in the space available.

Our team of furniture experts are here to help - even if your request is complex, we’ll give it a go. And we’ll put our knowledge and experience to good use for you. It may be that your office is an interesting shape, or that you have some specific requirements that your furniture must meet. Whatever it is, let us know and we’ll do our best to find the perfect solution.

Getting Your Flip Tables In NZ

We are a community-spirited company and support local manufacturers whenever we can. Many of the items for sale are sourced in New Zealand, and the origins of each item are noted in the product description. We also support local businesses by offering free shipping on many of our furniture items.

Delivery is usually within 15 days, and we’ll let you know an estimated delivery time when you make your purchase. If you choose to purchase items that come from international sources, your delivery can take up to 4 weeks.

If you want a table that flips for your office, please browse our wide selection of office tables in NZ and check out the customisation options for a table that’s true to your style and needs. Read Less