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Monitor Arms

Vader Dual Monitor Arm

Thinking Works

$259.00 + GST

Echo Dual Monitor Arm


$259.00 + GST

Cutlass Dual Monitor Arm with USB Ports

Sylex Ergonomics

$245.00 + GST

Veida Dynamic Dual Arm


from$299.00 + GST

Vader Single Monitor Arm

Thinking Works

$154.00 + GST

Cutlass Single Monitor Arm with USB Ports

Sylex Ergonomics

$195.00 + GST

Scimitar Monitor Arm

Sylex Ergonomics

from$165.00 + GST

Gladius Monitor Arm

Sylex Ergonomics

from$145.00 + GST

Looking For a Great Monitor Arm Supplier?

If you are looking to optimise your office and workspaces, then you should provide your employees with a monitor arm in NZ. Residents have been enjoying the benefits for a long time and it is time for you and your workforce to join them. Read More

Hurdleys are your proud suppliers of office furniture, providing quick, easy and affordable solutions to your workspace problems. Offering short turnaround times, locally manufactured products and quality furniture and accessories that are built to last, we are proud to be amongst New Zealand’s leading suppliers.

Enjoy the Benefits That a Monitor Arm Can Provide

Although a relatively simple addition to an office desk, monitor arms can provide a range of benefits for the user. These include:

Improved Health and Safety

It is important to ergonomically optimise your space to reduce strain on the back, neck and eyes and minimise the pain and discomfort that often comes alongside. Monitor arms can be adjusted to achieve the correct height for each user quickly and easily and can fit to any desk through a clamp-like base. Whether you have a sitting desk, standing desk or a hybrid of both, we have a monitor arm to suit.

Increased Flexibility and Freedom

With a range of monitor arms online, you are able to set up each desk to exact requirements. Work from one screen? Choose a single arm. Prefer to use two screens? No problem, browse our selection of double monitor arms. Whether you and your staff prefer your screens portrait or landscape, side by side or above and below; we have you covered. We even offer arms that have USB ports and a laptop holder for your convenience.

Optimised Workspace

Monitor arms are an increasingly popular addition to offices due to the space that they save. Gone are the days of large, bulky stands, with an arm your monitor almost looks like it is floating, and you are able to utilise much more of your desk space. With various arms incorporating a cable management system, even your cables will be tucked out of the way and kept tidy. What more could you want?

We all understand that the budget for office furniture and accessories can be small. The fantastic benefit of monitor arms is that they are an extremely affordable addition to your desk. Starting from as little as $105, even the newest companies are able to enjoy the wondrous benefits of using a monitor arm.

The Best Place to Buy a Monitor Arm Online in NZ?

Ensuring you and your staff have a fantastic desk set up has strong links to increased productivity and better levels of contentment in the workplace so why not improve your office today with monitor arms?

Finding accessories for your office has never been easier when you have Hurdleys by your side. Ergonomically optimise the workspace or workstation of you and your staff. Browse our monitor arms online, office chair, and even monitor stand, or visit our showroom today! Read Less