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Leading Supplier of Black Bookcases in NZ

With over 4 decades of experience, Hurdleys Office Furniture is one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of office furniture and accessories. In designing your workspace, you want to make sure the décor fits your personal aesthetic. When selecting furniture, colour, design, and materials can have a massive impact on the atmosphere of your office. Our range of wooden, white, and black bookcases is among New Zealand’s best, (remove comma) and we’re bound to have something to fit your unique vision.

Often overlooked, office bookcases can be a valuable asset in your office setup. Whether you need the storage space, or just want to tie the room together, bookcases are vital. They can optimise the organisation and add to the vibe of your office. Recently back in stock, our Quantum black bookcase has proven to be very popular. The contrast of the black frame and wooden shelves puts a modern twist on the classic wooden bookshelf. After ordering one of our black bookcases online, many New Zealand customers have been impressed by the quality of our furniture and our customer service. Read More

Why You Need a Black Bookcase in Your Office

When purchasing office furniture, many people only think of the bare necessities- desks and chairs. However, creating an office space that is efficient, and organised with a touch of personal charm requires much more than that. A bookcase plays an essential role in the functioning and decoration of an office.

Storage- The primary function of a bookcase is storage, of course. You’d be surprised how much room a bookcase can save! For example, if your work requires a lot of books and files, you could find yourself being swamped in clutter if you don’t invest in a bookcase. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, bookcases are a simple way to optimise the use of space in your office.

Display- The bookcase is a versatile piece of furniture. It displays everything it stores, making access easier and adding to the décor. Unlike filing cabinets, you don’t need to waste valuable time digging through the drawers- what you need is right in front of your eyes. You can also use bookcases to display plants, pictures and interesting books. After all, it’s the details that add to the character and charm of an office.

Aesthetics- A bookcase can tie a room together and make the space feel warmer. Our Quantum black bookcase has a matching desk set- perfect for anyone considering an office refit.

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Let our family-run business take care of your office. Most of our stock is sourced locally in NZ and you won’t believe how fast our quote turnaround times are. You can have your new bookcase delivered and assembled within days. Our selection of white and black bookcases for sale in New Zealand is sure to impress, so don’t delay! Browse our website or head to our Auckland showroom to see for yourself! Read Less