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The best & useful ideas for office storage

Useful Ideas for Office Storage | Hurdleys Office Furniture Store

An office or workstation that is full of clutter and objects looks unprofessional and unattractive, and it also impacts productivity. If people have to spend time searching for what they need, they’re going to have less time to spend on doing actual work. Here are some tips on how to store things in your office while achieving a clean, clutter-free look and keeping everything easily accessible.

Mobile drawers

Mobile drawers are lifesavers. They’re small and fit under most desks, which means every office desk can have a drawer where people can keep important objects within reach and keep their desks clearer. Drawers are simply a must, but you can make them even more useful by opting for mobile ones. Drawers with wheels enable you to reorganise the office much more easily and allow for easier cleaning of floors. Mobile drawers can be moved as needed, when the office is redecorated or employees move desks, for example. Some good mobiles include the Mila Steel Slimline Mobile and the Quantum Mobile 3-Drawer Locking.

Storage boxes

Use storage boxes to get smaller objects out of the way. A good storage box looks a lot sleeker and nicer than a space that’s full of things. They can be put wherever you have space, making good additions on shelves and on or under desks, which means minimal, if any, floor space is taken up. Boxes are also easy to mark as containing a certain kind of object, so that things can be organised into different boxes. This lets people know exactly which box to look in for a particular thing, as opposed to rummaging through unmarked shelves full of clutter. While storage boxes can be used in storage rooms, they also come in different designs that can be incorporated into the style and look of the office.

Desk organisers

While it’s important to think about the big picture when it comes to office storage, we can’t forget about the little things either. Everyone working in the office will have a range of documents, accessories and objects that they need to keep close by. This is where desk organisers come in handy. Place one on every desk and use them to store documents, pens and whatever else you need.


A good credenza is an excellent addition to any office because it’s so versatile. The credenza offers internal storage, where you can even organise things more neatly using other items like desk organisers, storage boxes, cabinets, as well as storage on top. The top of the credenza can be used for storage boxes, printers, pen holders or even just as a place to quickly fill in documents when you’re on the go. Examples of this type of furniture include the Nico Credenza and Quantum Credenza.

Filing cabinet

Finally, don’t forget the filing cabinet. Storing your documents in drawers and document organisers on the desk might work when there aren’t too many, and when you have papers you need to have easily accessible. But for all other occasions, a good filing cabinet is an amazing help. Use the filing cabinet to easily organise all documents and files so that anyone can find them. A filing cabinet can hold large amounts of documents but takes up very little space in the office. They ensure that all documents are kept safely in one place and won’t be lost. There are even ones that are fireproof so that your files can remain protected even in the case of disaster. A filing cabinet like the ones from Proceed is necessary for any modern office.

Office organisation doesn’t have to be complicated or take up large amounts of space. Utilise these tips and your office will look nicer and run smoother. If you need any of the office furniture written above, checkout more on Hurdley's office furniture's website or contact us!.