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Sylex Ergonomics

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Sylex Ergonomics

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Buy Electric Desks Online From Hurdley's Office Furniture

Do you not like sitting down at your desk all day? Are you wanting a change to your usual workday? An electric desk could be for you. Easy to use, great for your health and with fast delivery times from Hurdleys amazing delivery team, there’s not much more you could ask for. Get your high-quality electric standing desk in NZ from a reputable online furniture supplier by shopping with Hurdleys Office Furniture. Read More

Electric desks are a great investment that your future self will thank you for. Being seated for the entire workday is not the best for our bodies but adding electric desks to your office space can make a huge difference to yourself and/or your employees. Here are some of the benefits that come with working at an electric desk compared to a traditional one:

  • Less chance of back issues – sitting in an uncomfortable chair for long periods of time can cause backaches and pains, working standing up can help ease this.
  • Improved digestive health – there are links between digestive issues and sitting down all day, something an electric desk can help aid or prevent.
  • Helps people feel less lethargic, especially after lunch or in the afternoon.
  • Prevention of health issues including deep vein thrombosis, associated with sitting down all day.
  • Helps circulation and improves blood flow.
  • Good for your health – can help avoid cramps and muscle inactivity, and you will even burn calories while working!

With so many benefits, it’s so easy to see why so many people have switched over to using electric desks. All of these benefits result in better working performance and even help with stress and less illness.

Buy Electric Desk in NZ With Fast Delivery Times

To help you receive your electric desk faster, our amazing delivery and install team work to provide quick delivery times and a fast turnaround rate. Along with short lead times, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver for our customers even at very short notice.

If, when you come to order your electric desk NZ, you have any queries or requirements, be sure to get in touch! Our hands-on customer service team will do all they can to help, and most of our furniture can be custom made to suit specific requirements.

Improve Your Workspace With Our Electric Standing Desks Today

Electric standing desks provide great benefits not only in terms of productivity but also for your health. It is so hard to get moving when you are busy and glued to your desk; an electric desk provides the best of both worlds. The improvement to your health, posture and lethargy will all contribute to an overall more positive and productive working day. It is such an easy change to make for huge improvements, so why wait?

You can buy electric standing desks online through us and know that you will receive a high-quality product along with a high-quality level of customer service and delivery. Take a browse through our standing desk collection today and find the desk in NZ that best matches your needs, office space, or workstation. Read Less