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How an Office Refurbishment Can Be Fun

It’s an unusual word, refurbishment. We all know roughly what it means: sprucing something up, and the re part means you’re doing it again. The original word, furbish, means to polish, and although you may not be doing much of that, there will probably be someone flicking a duster around the place, putting the finishing touches to your collection of brand-new desks, chairs, cupboards etc. But we all get the idea. As one of the country’s leading office refurbishment companies, we have provided the ideas and the hardware for some pretty big projects - and plenty of smaller ones too. Size doesn’t matter to us in that respect; if you have an office refurbishment project, we want to help you with it. That means smaller offices, one-person bands, home offices and anything else that involves sit-down brain work.

How Much Change Makes an Office Refurbishment?

You don’t have to go the whole hog to refurbish the place. Sometimes everything stops while you perform this big makeover, but in other cases, it’s refurbishment by stealth; you can sneak the old stuff out and replace it with new, more practical, better-looking furniture without disrupting the work. We aim to help with this by providing interesting, worthwhile choices combining good quality with excellent value for money. And our overriding dedication to customer service means we will gladly give you any advice you need, taking your ideas and telling you what’s available that might fit the bill.

As for speed of delivery, we are very hot on that too, so although it is always good to have sufficient notice, if you’re in a jam and need a bunch of great office chairs and a filing cabinet ASAP, we will do our level best to help you.

How Much Fun Can a Office Refurbishment Really Be?

It only takes a few simple ingredients to make an enjoyable experience. One of them is having the right things available, and we keep good stocks of our ranges, because that is all part of good customer service, getting people fixed up quickly. The second is having good quality at your disposal, which we certainly do. The third part of the equation is that good service, the feeling the customer gets of being valued. We at Hurdleys get our fun from being able to help people by having the right office furniture available at the right prices, and we love the feeling of satisfaction when the refurbishment is done, and the customer is happy.

Order a Office Refurbishment Online or Visit the Showroom

We appreciate the convenience of fulfilling orders online – that’s good for the retailer too, of course – but we do like to maintain contact. If there is something you would like to discuss with us, we will be delighted to do so. Just give us a call or fill in the online enquiry form.

If you would like to spend some time in our showroom instead, that’s fine too. We know some people prefer to see the actual furniture up close, to get a better idea of how it would really fit into their office. Hurdleys is proudly New Zealand, proudly a family firm and firmly in the here and now with the customer’s interests at heart.

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Your office furniture is more than just a collection of chairs and desks – it sets the scene for who you are as a company, with tools that your people use every day.

That’s why the service behind our furniture can help you select pieces that suit your budget, your culture, and your people.

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High-quality and excellent value, a lot of furniture comes from NZ manufacturers, with carefully selected international brands to round out the range. We offer everything your office needs, from standing desks and ergonomic office chairs to accessories and storage solutions.

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Our fast-moving, expert team really cares about delivering. If you have a tricky request, we won’t say ‘no’ until we’ve exhausted all the options.

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See, touch and feel our range for yourself in our 300m2 showroom. Come in and browse whenever you like, or have our experienced team walk you through your options.