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Ensuring Comfort With Monitor Stand

When it comes to ensuring the comfort of your employees whilst they work, monitor stands are one of the tools you can utilise. It has already been well established that, for a comfortable working environment, your eye level should be matched with the top of the monitor you are using, which is why it is important to ensure that you make the correct choice with your purchase. Our team here at Hurdleys Office Furniture are here to help with this. We have over 40 years’ worth of experience in our industry, and pride ourselves on translating that experience into our products and our customer service. So, if you need to buy a monitor stand in NZ for your business, then we can help you make the right choice. Read More

How do I Choose the Perfect Monitor Stand for Me?

To ensure that you do not waste your time and money, it’s important to know what monitor stand you will need before you make your purchase. There are a number of factors you should take into account when choosing your stand, such as:

  • Your monitor. The make, size, weight, and model of your monitor will impact your decision greatly, as you need to ensure that your stand is compatible with it. Many people choose to purchase their stand with the monitor but if you have already purchased your monitor, then you should make sure that you check the weight limit of the stand, as well as what types of monitor it is compatible with.
  • If you can attach the stand to the monitor. As well as the monitor in general, you also need to consider the VESA pattern at the back of the monitor. Certain VESA patterns found on stands will not be compatible with ones found on monitors, which means that, if you don’t take the time to check this, you could end up with an incompatible stand and, therefore, wasted money.
  • If the stand is adjustable. As already mentioned, the comfort of your employees should come first. Therefore, a stand that is adjustable would be a big step in ensuring this comfort, as your employees will be able to easily alter their set up if they wish to without the need of requesting a new stand altogether.
  • The style and design. Whilst this point may not be a priority for some people, it is worth taking into consideration. Ensuring that your stand matches the style and design of the rest of the workspace will contribute to creating an aesthetically pleasing office. This is important if you have regular visitors, such as potential customers or partners, and are keen to make a good first impression.

All in all, choosing the correct monitor stand can be a confusing process for those who are inexperienced with the process. Luckily, our experts are on hand to help with any queries or concerns that you may have during the purchasing process.

Are You in Need of a Monitor Stand for Your Office? Get in Touch with Us.

So, if you’re looking to purchase a monitor stand in NZ, monitor riser, or monitor armsthen we are here to help. You can browse our extensive range of office furniture products on our website or get in touch with us for more information by calling us, using our contact form on our website, or by utilising the live chat feature. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Read Less